Florida teacher accidentally shows 4th-grade students Winnie the Pooh horror movie leaving parents furious

A concerned parent has voiced their outrage after a Florida school teacher exposed a fourth-grade class to a disturbing horror movie titled "Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey." On October 2nd, students at the Academy of Innovative Education in Miami Springs, aged between nine and 10, experienced an unexpected lesson in biology rather than their scheduled math class.
Instead of learning about prime numbers and multiples, the children were confronted with unsettling content, including depictions of starvation, the transformation of the beloved character Eeyore into prey, and gruesome details about grinding someone in a wood chipper.

Fortunately, the children likely did not witness the disturbing scenes involving a wood chipper or Piglet attacking a university student to death. However, parents are deeply upset that their young ones were exposed to an unsettling '20 to 30 minutes' of the slasher film before the teacher intervened, according to Michelle Diaz, a parent of fourth-grade twins, who shared her concerns with CBS News Miami.

Diaz mentioned that it was the students who selected the movie, but she argues, "It's not their responsibility to decide what's appropriate. It's the teacher's duty to assess the content."

The film is labeled NR, indicating it's not officially rated. However, reading the synopsis on IMDB allows one to form their own opinion about its suitability for children: "After Christopher Robin leaves them for college, Pooh and Piglet go on a violent spree as they search for a new food source."
Diaz further asserts that students in the class requested the teacher to 'turn off the movie,' but he disregarded their pleas.

She laments, "I feel utterly neglected by the school."

"Only the initial 20 minutes of the film were screened, during which a frightening scene was shown. The teacher promptly stopped the video at that point. "The matter was immediately discussed with the teacher, students, and parents involved. Parents were given assurance that the school had adhered to all school district policies and protocols in handling the incident and will persist in ensuring the safety and well-being of the students on a daily basis."

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