Fitness influencer Raechelle Chase shared heartbreaking final post before unexpected death

The world of fitness influencers is mourning the sudden loss of an internet sensation, Raechelle Chase, whose last words on Instagram have left fans and followers heartbroken.

The death of Raechelle Chase - a bodybuilder, mother of five, and renowned fitness influencer - was confirmed by her eldest daughter, Anna Chase.

Anna said in a statement: "She was supportive, kind-hearted, and always had the best advice for us. She was a wildly driven woman with ambition and has inspired millions of people around the world. I miss her immensely and that love won’t ever fade."
As of now, the cause of Raechelle's untimely death remains shrouded in mystery. The New Zealand Coroner is actively investigating due to its unforeseen nature. An official spokesperson for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice stated via 7News, "Given the recent nature of the death, no further information is available at this stage."

Raechelle had recently shared a hauntingly poignant message on her Instagram: "Growth can be painful, change can be painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong."

These words, now marking her last post, have attracted an outpouring of grief, condolences, and tributes from her vast base of admirers.

One fan commented, "This is so so wrong, so unfair!! Your strength, your courage, your fighting spirit in adversity, you kept going!" Another expressed their hopes in an afterlife for the late fitness influencer, saying, "May you be training and running in heaven. Much love to your kids."

Originally from New Zealand and also popular in Australia, Raechelle had an illustrious journey that included not only navigating the challenges of being a single mother undergoing a tough divorce but also climbing the ladder to become one of the top fitness gurus on the internet. Her initial rise to fame began within the four walls of the gym.

Keith O’Connell, a close friend of Raechelle, reflected the shock felt by many. He noted that her death was “sudden and unexpected” and remembered her as one of the “kindest souls,” per The US Sun. Keith expressed his grief, saying, "Not going to lie, very few things in my life hit me as hard as your passing... You had so much left to live. So much love to give."

Throughout her career, Raechelle's commitment to fitness was evident. She chronicled her personal fitness journey on her social media platforms, providing classes and personal sessions to motivate others. This dedication paved the way for multiple magazine cover appearances.

In 2016, she further cemented her status in both Australia and New Zealand by speaking out about her harrowing experience in a "toxic and abusive" relationship after her separation from her husband.

While the fitness community grapples with this tremendous loss, the heartfelt tributes pouring in for Raechelle are a testament to the mark she left on many lives. She wasn't just a fitness icon but a cherished member of the community whose legacy will undoubtedly live on.

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