David Beckham absolutely rinses Victoria after she claims to be ‘working class’

David Beckham was filmed absolutely rinsing his wife Victoria when she made claims to be ‘working class’ in a new Netflix show about the family.
You can watch the former footballer tear his wife to shreds in the clip below:

In that show, the Beckhams discuss everything from their family life to David’s rumoured affair years ago, and – of course - his illustrious football career.

However, while there are a lot of serious moments in the show, there are some funny moments as well, particularly one where Victoria claims to have been raised working class.

That might seem strange, given that she was famously nicknamed ‘Posh Spice’ during her time in the Spice Girls.

But, apparently she believes that she was raised in a working class family.

In a clip from the show, Victoria claims: “We’ve very working class…”

From off camera, David says: “Be honest…”

After she protests, David decides to press the issue further.
“What car did your dad drive you to school in?” the former Manchester United and England midfielder asked.

As she starts to answer the question in a more roundabout fashion, her husband once again objects, saying: “No, one answer.”

“It’s not a simple answer,” comes the response.

David repeats: “What car did you get your dad to drive you to school in?”

Finally, she cracks.

“OK, in the 80s my dad had a Rolls-Royce.”

Yeah, hardly the runabout of the working class there, Vic.

No sooner had she answered, David said ‘thank you’ and shut the door on her.

Victoria was born in Harlow in 1974, and her parents – while hardly members of the aristocracy – definitely did OK for themselves.

Her mother was a former insurance clerk who worked as a hairdresser, and her dad was an electronics engineer who set up a wholesale business that did pretty well.

Well enough to buy a Rolls-Royce, anyway.

In the comments, most people just seem to think the whole thing is hilarious, with many enjoying how David managed to take his wife down.
"The fact he was clearly listening at the door is hysterical," one comment read.

"Love him humbling her. Like her name was Posh Spice and she went to private school,” another wrote.

“He actually grew up working class so he’s legit p***ed,” a third person commented.

Elsewhere in the documentary, Beckham discusses how former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson once sent a boot flying at him across the dressing room, cutting his eye.

The couple also discuss an alleged affair that David was accused of in the tabloid media, and the toll that took on their marriage.

Beckham is available to watch on Netflix now.

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