Confused home owner comes back from week out of town to find his house clean – then he discovers what has happened

A lot of times, when we leave our homes to go on vacation, the thought of being burgled when we are out of time will pop into our brains. Most people try to put that thought out of their heads.

But when a Hattiesburg man came back from after being out of town, he was in for the shock of his life… Keep reading to learn about the situation that unfolded.

A man experiencing homelessness in Hattiesburg decided to move into a home on Adeline Street that he found empty. A homeless man named Robert Otis came across the empty home as the owner was out of town for a week.

The owner asked not to be identified but told the media that he came home to find it not only occupied but being lived in! He saw that his home had been cleaned.

When he entered his home, he saw someone’s laundry folded onto his chair in the living room and also saw that there was cooked food in his fridge.
When he went outside, he saw Otis sweeping outside near his pool. When he questioned Otis as to who he was, he responded by saying he worked with the pool company. However, the homeowner did not have a pool company employed for the upkeep of his pool.

This prompted the homeowner to go get his handgun and hold Otis at gunpoint till the Hattiesburg police officers arrived. Otis was then arrested and charged with Residential Burglary.

According to the owner, Otis had mopped and swept his home’s floors, cleaned his two refrigerators, and eaten his shrimp, chicken, and sausage. Otis had also cleaned his stovetop. According to the statement, he had also laundered his clothes, showered, and slept in his bed.
The owner, who asked not to be identified, said, “mopped and swept the floors, cleaned my two refrigerators, ate my shrimp, and chicken I had, my sausage. He cleaned the stove top. He washed his clothes, showered, slept in my bed. He had his shoes all laid out. He was living here like he owned the place.”

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