Cher went against her own advice dating man 40 years younger than her

Being the trendsetter that she is, you’d think that Cher wouldn’t have many rules.
However, the music legend has revealed that she broke a major rule when she first started dating her boyfriend, producer Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards.

The pop legend first met her other half, who she has a 40-year-age gap with, during Paris Fashion Week, with them only sharing a brief conversation whilst at the high-brow event.

Despite only speaking for ‘about 15 minutes’, there was clearly a spark between them.

So much so in fact that her friends even noticed, with a mutual acquaintance later passing Cher’s number to the 37-year-old last year.
Understandably, the music legend was a little taken aback and joked that it was ‘really shocking’ in a new interview with People magazine.

She told the outlet: “People just don't give out my number.”

We guess when you have been a music icon since the seventies, dating in the normal way isn’t really a thing.

However, the ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ musician does have some romantic rules, such as not falling for someone over text.

Of course, she broke this rule when meeting her current beau.

“I had been telling all my friends, 'We're too old to go out with really younger men, and I will never fall in love on text’,” she admitted, adding: "So I did what I said not to do!"

A year later, it seems the singer is still in the honeymoon phase and revealed that she was willing to bend the rules because of how ‘special’ her partner is.
"I hate when people say people are special, but lots of people say I'm special, so I can say that he's special," she gushed.

Continuing, she said: “No matter what happens, I love being with him. He makes me laugh, and we have fun. What I learned is that it's never too late.”

However, the 77-year-old is under no illusion about their rather large age gap.

When news of her and Edwards’ relationship first broke, many fans were suspicious of the younger man and claimed that he was taking ‘advantage of’ her.

In typical Cher fashion though, she responded to the criticism on Twitter and wrote: "As we All Know …I WASNT BORN YESTERDAY & What I Know For Sure… There Are No Guarantees.”

As if you needed any more confirmation that she didn’t care what people thought, she added: "Haven't You Got Anything Else 2 Do? Let Me Explain…I DONT GIVE A FK WHAT ANYONE THINKS."

And they say romance is dead.

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