Benidorm creator teases revival five years after it was axed

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The creator of ITV’s hit comic classic, Benidorm, has teased the idea of a revival five years after the show was axed.

Derren Little has said that he is ready to start writing dozens of new episodes and fans are now petitioning TV bosses to let him do so.

The 52-year-old writer created the hit show which ran for over 10 years with 74 episodes so far, but fans want more.

Derren says he’s more than ready to write the same number of episodes again and that he has plenty of ideas for his characters to do next.

Benidorm initially aired from 2007 until 2018 and won numerous awards and even more nominations from the NTA’s to the BAFTAs.

For its first few seasons, the show was an absolute hit for ratings and pulled in audiences just shy of eight million people.

Fans of the show have often asked Derren if he was interested in creating more episodes and now he’s sparked a wave of excitement by confirming he is.

Taking to X, one fan asked Derren: “Would be great to see new episodes… Derren Litten surely living in Benners you have plenty of stories you could pen.”

Derren responded saying: “I don’t live in Benidorm but I live fairly close by.” He then added: “I have more stories for another 74 episodes; if ITV wants them they know where I am.”

Fans immediately went mad over Derren’s tweet urging ITV and even Netflix to respond and give him a shot.

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