Amazon delivery driver says regular customers should leave snacks out for drivers

An Amazon delivery driver has sparked an online debate after suggesting that people who frequently order from the site should "put out snacks".

Amazon driver and TikTok user Aniya (@aniyamitch), has gained a following of more than 88,000 TikTok users after sharing fun videos that often show her on her delivery route.

However, one recent video sparked a heated discussion in her comments section after she suggested frequent users of Amazon leave out snacks and treats for drivers, in order to strengthen their "bond".
In the video - which has since amassed more than 950,000 views - Aniya says: "If you order Amazon every day, every other day, or damn near every week, I’m pretty sure you got the same driver almost every day… and you ain’t putting snacks out there?! […] Y’all got a bond now!"

She continues: "Y’all see each other damn near every day, and you ain’t leaving no snacks!? You’re wrong, you’re wrong."

But despite Aniya's suggestion actually being rather kind and heartwarming, there were many people who disagreed with her stance. One person replied: "That's a pretty high took a job delivering packages I'm pretty sure you get paid for that and shop for your own snacks."

A second TikTok user added: "So.... now the Amazon drivers are shaking us down for hand outs. It is just another form of wanting a tip."

"It’s a nice gesture to leave snacks but not a requirement," a third commented. "Amazon makes hella money they can supply snacks daily."

In a subsequent interview with BoredPanda, Aniya revealed that the video was supposed to be a bit of harmless fun and a lighthearted post - but sparked a series of heated replies in the comments section. That being said, she also revealed that she does, indeed, have regular customers who leave her snacks.

And the appreciation from drivers for the gesture is something that is not only heartwarming, but something that has previously made headlines.

The video below shows the moment a Kentucky UPS delivery driver named Dee arrived at the home of Toni Hillison Barnett, via Inside Edition.

When Dee entered the porch, he was greeted by a large hamper of snacks, treats, and drinks, and couldn't contain his excitement. "Oh my God! You guys are the best," he can be heard saying on the doorbell cam.

And the comments on the video highlighted why perhaps more people should consider treating their delivery drivers. "I love how such a small act of kindness can change a person's day completely," one YouTube user wrote.

A second added: "I’m a driver and this really does make our day."

This was echoed by a third person, who wrote: "UPS driver here. We honestly appreciate when you leave snacks on the porch. Thank you!"

So, maybe Santa shouldn't be the only delivery guy we leave out snacks for?

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