Vera Wang, 74, stuns fans as she looks '20 years old' in new photos: 'Vera does not age'

Vera Wang has once again left her fans in disbelief following her recent appearance at the US Open.
Yes, despite turning 74 back in June, the legendary fashion designer is still beloved by her fans for her seemingly never-aging appearance.

The latest flood of compliments comes on an Instagram post Wang shared earlier this month while enjoying some tennis with fellow designer Keith Lissner. Donning a US Open cap and some fashionable oversized sunglasses, Wang can be seen smiling for a selfie.

And you wouldn't be out-of-place for thinking this was just some other millennial taking a selfie at a sports event, as Wang looked utterly flawless in the pics.
And the fashion icon's fans certainly couldn't help but comment over Wang's ageless appearance, with one person writing: "She looks like 20 wow amazing".

"Age is just a number," a second Instagram user added, with a third echoing these sentiments, writing: "Vera does not age".

"Beautiful," a fourth wrote. "I wish I could look this good at her age when I get there. Stunning girl"
In another Instagram post, Wang was asked by a fan about her secrets to staying young. To which, she simply stated: "Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, and not much sun." (I'm definitely ticking 3-out-of-4 of those boxes and I look like my grandad's older brother.)

This is not the first time Wang has listed these factors as her age-defying secrets.

In an interview with BBC 100 Women earlier back in 2022, Wang shared her tips and spoke about ageism after amassing social media attention for her looks. Watch Wang's interview below:

Wang said alongside having good sleep, she "values" having a vodka cocktail at the end of the day as it helps her "transition from a very intense work schedule" to a "bit of a private life".

The designer, who has styled stars like Hayley Williams, Ariana Grande, Victoria Beckham, and Kim Kardashian, said she also credits her work in fashion to her youthful look.

"I've been in fashion since I was 19 years old. Not in front of the camera, behind it," she said. "I never thought about youth, probably because I work with the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis."
"And because of that I more envision them as my muses, and maybe it's a way of dealing with aging that is productive," she continued. "So I always said that vodka cocktail, a lot of sleep, but work - work is the magic elixir," she added.

In an earlier 2016 conversation with Harper's Bazaar, Wang detailed her workout regime, which surprisingly comprises short, consistent bouts of exercise. "I usually lift weights, not much - two pounds and three pounds. It takes me a total of five minutes," she divulged, adding that one thing she never misses is a nourishing lunch.

Her eclectic lunch menu varies from sashimi with brown rice and vegetables to Chinese steamed broccoli with chicken and rice, or an artichoke salad or fish from Sant Ambroeus. As part of her healthy lifestyle, she also shifted her beverage preference from Diet Coke to water back in 2010, labeling it as "the hardest thing I ever gave up."

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