TikToker gets fake freckles tattooed on her face and immediately regrets it

A woman on TikTok has opened up about her immediate regrets after getting freckles tattooed on her face.

Tattoos are something that can divide opinion, especially when it comes to permanently inking your face... but for some, the prospect of enhancing their appearance is too appealing.

That being said, if a tattoo goes wrong, it can go very wrong - as one unfortunate woman on TikTok found out the hard way.
Australian Big Brother star, Tilly Whitfield - who also boasts over 180,000 followers on TikTok - shared her ordeal in a cautionary tale that serves as a stark warning to others attempting similar beauty hacks.

In an attempt to embrace a viral trend, she used a sewing needle and brown tattoo ink to create faux freckles, believing they would last for six months.
She initially ordered brown tattoo ink from eBay to partake in the trend, only to be left with angry, red burns across her cheeks.

Tilly described the traumatic experience in a follow-up video: "Obviously people are doing the same thing and tattooing freckles, and I've obviously gotten rid of mine. I tried many different methods, but in the end, what helped was a laser. I used a Q-switch laser, that was the best.

"I have absolutely no scarring besides a tiny bit of my nose but that's just really thin skin on the bridge of your nose. I also used lightening cream, which was an anal bleach, and that helped lighten the scar before the laser.

"After the laser, I just looked after my skin with lots of jojoba oil, that is why my skin is very shiny but like there is absolutely no hope if you've done it, just wait a bit."

Tilly's update provided hope for those who had suffered similar consequences, shedding light on the road to recovery. Despite her ordeal, she wished to help others avoid the same mistakes, acknowledging the countless messages she received from individuals who had attempted the dangerous trend.

Previously, Tilly had spent approximately $10,700 on various remedies in an attempt to find a solution to her painful scars. Unfortunately, her social media posts documenting her struggles were met with criticism. "The main response has been that I'm stupid, and, yeah, I agree," she admitted.

People called Tilly out in the comments to her video, and it would appear that she was in agreement with those who thought her decision was a bit silly.

"There’s a difference between someone who tries some ridiculous DIY tattoo compared to going to a professional," one person wrote, as Tilly replied: "AGREED."

Another comment simply offered the advice: "I’m a cosmetic tattooist and you need to have this procedure done by a professional. It makes a world of difference."
Long story short, don't attempt to tattoo freckles onto yourself, it'll only end in tears, pain, and potential blindness.

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