Playboy model Jenna Jameson shares health update after being given one year to live

Health is something that a lot of people take for granted, so when you’re suddenly told that you no longer have as many years to live, it can be a crushing ordeal to come to terms with.

That’s what a former Playboy model has had to go through after being told that she would have under a year to live.

Jenna Jameson, 49 used to be a porn actress, has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Porn’ throughout her career which spanned fifteen years across 35 films.

After deciding to retire in 2008, the actress went on to be a ‘webcam model’ instead, taking charge of her own content - much like OnlyFans creators.
But now, she is in the middle of a battle for her health after a mysterious illness took hold of her body, effecting her ability to walk.
Jameson’s representatives have gone on to explain to Fox News Digital where it all began.

Apparently, in 2022, the model was struck with 'extreme muscle weakness', which doctors believed may have been the result of 'numerous other illnesses/diseases' with no clear answer.

Though it was speculated that it could have included illnesses such as Guillain-Barré syndrome and blood cancer, her tests came back negative which left the star confused about her symptoms.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, she shared that 'it started very suddenly', and at first, she was managing well with the onset of symptoms.

She explained: "I was doing very well, and then I just started collapsing and lost my ability to walk … they admitted me into the hospital. I think I spent about nine months in the hospital."
But then Jameson was hit with a blow when doctors informed her that she had between six months and a year to live.

"When I was first told that I didn't have very long to live, I think I just balled up," she admitted.

"I didn't really know how to digest that."

So, instead of waiting in the hospital any longer without a clear diagnosis or decrease in symptoms, Jameson decided to break out of the hospital on her own.

"I finally got to the point where I was like, 'I have to take my health into my own hands,' so I put myself in a wheelchair and I wheeled myself out of the hospital," she confessed.

"I ended up just taking everything into my own hands and making it happen. I knew that I still had so much life left to live."

That’s when the former adult actress decided to try out a holistic approach to her health, choosing to eat a keto diet and go to therapy.
She explained to Entertainment Tonight: "I was having a lot of memory issues and I lost years and years and years of my life, so I started going to a cognitive therapist that puts you through puzzles and all these things, and everything just started reconnecting.”

"I feel myself coming back to life when I eat correctly, keto wise. I feel energetic."

Though her diet and therapy has 'greatly helped', Jameson’s rep shared with Fox News Digital that she still 'isn’t 100% better but feels more positive about her future now.'

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