Why Netflix viewers never get to see Tyson Fury’s mum in new series

Tyson Fury's new documentary hit Netflix last week, with the heavyweight champion letting the world into his private life.

At Home With The Furys offers a rare insight into the Gypsy King and what he's like at home. Such as his views on swearing:
However, while the Gypsy King and his wife, Paris, have been open about their lives and their family, one person who doesn't make an appearance in the doc is Tyson's mum, Amber.

Notably absent from the series, the matriarch has kept a pretty low profile over the years, which is hard to do considering her son is one of the biggest sports stars on the planet.

So why has she chosen not to get in front of the camera?
Well, according to Tyson, Amber has never been one for the limelight.

So I guess it shouldn't really come as much of a surprise to his fans that she's never seen in the doc then.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror previously about their relationship, the 35-year-old said she's a very private person.

"I looked on Google the other day and there’s not one picture of my mother on the internet. That’s crazy isn’t it?" he said.

"She has never been to one of my boxing fights, amateur or professional and never been in the public eye at all. She’s a private person. That’s her priority, not mine."

Tyson went on: "I don’t think it means anything to my mum. She doesn’t care if I’m world champion or not, as long as I’m healthy and happy. That is the only thing that means anything to her.

"You could give my mother that table full of £50 notes and diamonds and it wouldn’t change who she is, ever.

"Money can’t change certain individuals; nothing can. You could give her the power to run the UK, it wouldn’t matter, it wouldn’t change her."
And her lack of interest in fame and fortune is so great that Tyson once claimed she doesn't really get what he's done in the sport.

Writing in his autobiography, Behind The Mask, the father-of-six said: "To be honest, my mum doesn't fully understand what I have achieved as a boxer.

"I took her out shopping one time after the Wilder fight and I was being stopped for photographs and autographs everywhere I went in Manchester and she couldn't understand it.

"I had to explain to her that I was the heavyweight champion of the world and a lot of people had watched me and supported me. That was actually very special."

At Home With The Furys is available to watch on Netflix now.

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