What film prop cigarettes are made out of that actors smoke in Hollywood films

When producing a film, various elements of movie magic come into play to create the final product. Each scene that appears on screen requires multiple repetitions and different angles to capture all the necessary takes.
However, this process can lead to challenges when certain elements in the scene are consumable and get used up with each take. Many actors dislike performing scenes that involve food because they are unable to actually eat any of it, or they end up having to eat a dish that becomes progressively cold and unappetizing.

Maintaining consistency in a character's meal throughout different cuts is crucial as the audience will easily notice any drastic changes. Yet, it's impractical to expect actors to devour an entire meal during every take, as they would be overly full.

Similarly, depicting characters smoking cigarettes on screen poses a similar issue due to the obvious health risks associated with smoking. Subjecting the cast to multiple takes of smoking can be harmful to their well-being, and the last thing anyone wants is for them to develop a nicotine addiction due to frequent on-screen smoking.
Although many modern television shows have reduced the portrayal of smoking characters, some productions still feature smoking scenes, especially in period pieces like the recent release "Oppenheimer," where smoking was prevalent among the population.

To address this concern, several movie studios provide their actors with herbal cigarettes that do not contain tobacco, nicotine, or any harmful additives. These herbal cigarettes closely resemble real ones in appearance but are significantly less hazardous, as they are made with ingredients like rose petals, clover, and tea leaves to protect the actors' well-being.

Honeyrose, for instance, offers a 'White Line' specifically designed for movie sets, featuring completely white cigarettes without any logos or branding. While these herbal cigarettes are not entirely risk-free, they pose much less harm compared to actual tobacco-filled cigarettes. Despite this advantage, actors can still become weary of using them repeatedly.
Cillian Murphy, the leading star of "Oppenheimer," has encountered numerous prop cigarettes throughout his career, particularly during his time on the set of Peaky Blinders. Having gone through another significant number of them for the film "Oppenheimer," he now contemplates avoiding roles that require smoking scenes altogether.

In an interview with The Guardian, Murphy openly admitted that he does not see himself playing another character who smokes, recognizing the potential health risks associated with it, stating that they "can't be good for you."

Regarding the composition of prop cigarettes, Honeyrose, the brand used on the movie set, includes marshmallow leaves, red clover flowers, rose petals, fruit juices, and honey in their white line product. However, it's worth noting that they still contain small amounts of tar and carbon monoxide, as mentioned on their website.

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