People are baffled after comparing how Justin and Hailey Bieber dressed to attend the same event

Justin and Hailey Bieber have raised eyebrows on social media with their mismatched looks for an event in New York City.

The A-list couple stepped out to celebrate the launch of the 26-year-old model's new strawberry glaze lip treatment for her cosmetics line, Rhode Skin, which is in collaboration with Krispy Kreme.

As the delicious donut company threw an extravagant soirée to celebrate the launch of the new product on Monday (August 28), the young model was spotted wearing a strapless red mini dress by Ermanno Scervino with matching heels.
Meanwhile, her 29-year-old superstar husband - whom she married in September 2018 - opted for a more casual look for the special occasion, which included grey shorts, a grey jumper, a pink hat over the hoodie, and yellow Crocs.

Check out their looks below:

Fans of the couple started discussing their clashing style choices with one joking that Hailey is dressed for the Met Gala while the 'What Do You Mean?' musician is "ready to go to the soup kitchen for a hot meal".

Another user commented that the 'Baby' singer deliberately dresses like this to embarrass his wife, stating: "WTF she had a whole brand collaboration, dressed up for it, and it’s clearly something important to her. He couldn’t even put a nice fit on for that? That’s pretty corny and embarrassing. You can be comfy like this any other time of day.. In NYC too?"

And a third quipped: "I'd be so angry if I was giving the girls my best look of the year and here come my husband."

Meanwhile, others expressed confusion as to why the short-haired beauty was dressed up for a visit to a donut store, with one writing: "Justin dressed accordingly tbh, there’s not one Krispy Kreme in the world where you need to be doing all that."

A second user wrote: "I think they both look good, but be fr with yourself, which are you wearing to a DONUT SHOP? We all going in sweats ..." and a third added: "To be fair… why is she dressed like that for a donut."

Regardless of all the commotion online, Hailey - who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and niece to actor Alec Baldwin - took to her Instagram to commemorate the special day by sharing photos from the event and a video of her eating a donut while driving.

"STRAWBERRY GLAZE DAY!!!! Feeling over the moon today thank you thank you thank you!" she added in the caption.

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