Kelly Clarkson Changes Lyrics in ‘Piece by Piece’ to Honor Her Kids After Divorce

Kelly Clarkson is turning lemons into lemonade. If you've been keeping track of the singer's Las Vegas residency performances, chances are you've seen a video of her changing the lyrics to her songs to reflect her life currently. The latest song she's changed the lyrics for is "Piece by Piece," off her album of the same name that was released in 2015.

Clarkson finalized her divorce from Brandon Blackstock in March 2022. They married in 2013 and split in 2020. "Piece by Piece" is a song Clarkson originally wrote about how Blackstock was a better man than her absentee father, and how she knew he would show up for their children, River and Remington.

"This song I initially wrote just super hopeful, right? And well, sometimes hopeful turns into hopeless, so here we go, ‘Piece by Piece,'" she said before singing the song on August 5.

The lyrics to the original version's chorus are "But piece by piece, he collected me up / Off the ground, where you abandoned things, yeah / Piece by piece, he filled the holes that you burned in me / At six years old."

Clarkson brilliantly changed all of the mentions of "he" to "I", singing "I collected me up" and "I filled the holes."

By making this simple change, she gave herself the credit for being strong enough to take her life into her own hands.

Talk to moms about mom stuff. And make money doing it. Another part of the chorus proclaims, "He never walks away / He never asks for money / He takes care of me / He loves me," and Clarkson again put herself in the position of power.

"I just walk away / when they ask for money / I take care of me / ’cause I love me." Money was a major point of contention in her divorce from Blackstock. She was ordered to pay him $45,601 in child support and $115,000 in spousal support until January 2024. As part of the divorce settlement, she was required to pay him a lump sum of $1.3 million.

She also changed lyrics referencing the couple's children. She sang that she will never walk away or break their hearts, but instead of saying, "He’ll take care of things, he’ll love her," she sang, "I’ll take care of things when you leave scars."

Clarkson has been covering Gayle's song "abcdefu" since early this year. She changed the lyrics to the song's chorus then and still performs the song with her changes.

"F--k you and your dad and the fact that you got half / and my broken heart / turned that s–t into art," she sang.

During her Las Vegas show in late July, she sang the song uncensored, much to the delight of her audience.

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