Kathy Griffin shocks fans as she debuts new look after getting her lips tattooed

Kathy Griffin has left her fans shocked as she posted a video after getting her lips tattooed - and the results certainly do raise eyebrows.

The 62-year-old comedian - who won Primetime Emmy Awards for her reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List in 2007 and 2008, has taken to her YouTube channel to share her recent facial changes.

In a video titled "I GOT MY LIPS TATTOOED," Griffin provided an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into her aesthetic venture. The video documented her visit to a specialized establishment to have her lips adorned with a delicate blush hue.
Griffin said: "OK, so first of all I'm trying to go under the radar." The camera followed her through a parking lot, where she sported a T-shirt featuring a self-portrait and the caption "Officially-Uncancelled."

Kathy Griffin gets her lips tattooed:

This was likely a nod to the 2017 incident when she posed with a bloodied replica of former President Donald Trump's head for a photoshoot.

"Second of all, I'm going to get my eyebrows microbladed more because I didn't do enough the last time, and I'm getting my lips tattooed, but they call it blushing. We'll see," she added with anticipation as she made her way to her appointment.

The star of "Search Party" entered the aesthetician's studio and comfortably settled onto the cushioned exam table. She was poised for the microblading process, a technique that involves the permanent infusion of pigment beneath the skin's surface to enhance facial features such as eyebrows and lips, creating a semi-permanent makeup effect.

The video then transitioned to a scene where Griffin had a protective substance applied around her lips to prevent any pigment from spreading onto the surrounding skin.

As Griffin flashed a thumbs-up to the camera, the practitioner asked: "You ready to not speak for three hours?"

Griffin widened her eyes in mock surprise, momentarily lifting her head off the table. Following this, a plastic film was placed over her mouth, seemingly containing a numbing solution for a painless experience.
With the setting now in place, an aesthetician wielded a tattoo gun to apply a vibrant red hue directly to Griffin's lips. The video then showed Griffin relaxing with an ice pack on her newly tattooed lips, while her brows were also prepped for their tattoo session.

The footage shifted to Griffin's return home, where she showcased her slightly swollen lips to her husband, marketing executive Randy Bick. Greeting him with a grin, she exclaimed, "I'm back from getting my lips tattooed!"

The video proceeded to capture the big reveal as Griffin showed her freshly tattooed lips to her friend, actress Kristen Johnston from "3rd Rock from the Sun."

Johnston exclaimed: "What did you do? That's not real." Griffin humorously responded: "Well, Kristen thinks it's noticeable. But we're gonna go to the Fourth of July parade. I don't think anybody will be able to tell."

After a period of four to six days, Griffin's face had fully recovered from the microblading and blushing treatments. Her lips now sported a natural, soft pink hue.
People in the comments were stunned at what they had seen, as one person commented: "I was scared for you at first, but the end result looks amazing! You look beautiful, Kathy. I'm really glad to see you again, it's been too long."

A second added: "Turned out great!! They were a bit alarming at first, but that was definitely swelling. You chose wisely!"

It seems like there was a method behind what seemed to be a startling situation!

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