ITV viewers shocked at ‘car crash’ Michael Barrymore interview where he claims he has no idea who presenters are

This Morning viewers have flooded to social media in shock after Michael Barrymore's 'car crash' interview.
Look, we've all been there when we've forgotten someone's name or where we know them from and have to awkwardly manoeuvre our way through the conversation without them realising, but to admit to it on national TV is rather awkward.

Earlier today (3 August) actor, comedian and former game show presenter Barrymore appeared on This Morning to discuss his return to the theatre with Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle.
Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond originally stood in on the programme when Phillip Schofield left ITV after it came out he'd had an affair with a younger employee and Holly Willoughby took a break.

However, it would appear Gibson and Doyle have stepped in to help too.
Despite being scolded to give them 'less of a roasting' Barrymore continued later on in the show, saying: "Alison your accent has changed!

"I wasn't told these two were on. What the hell's going on? I just walked in..."

Barrymore then impersonates Craig's Irish accent, despite Gibson telling him it's their 'turn' to speak now.

The actor then later comments on Gibson, addressing Craig to say: "She's nice isn't she?"

They all speak over one another, it's chaotic, awkward and viewers aren't having any of it.
Twitter has been inundated with expressions of anger regarding a segment of the show that prompted condemnation of Barrymore's actions.

A Twitter user expressed, "I never really liked Michael Barrymore. I always felt that he was mocking or ridiculing people on his shows. Now, it's abundantly clear that there's absolutely no justification for his presence on our screens."

Another individual chimed in, saying, "The Michael Barrymore interview is incredibly unsettling."

Meanwhile, a third person remarked, "Michael Barrymore's mockery of accents is a form of cheap, juvenile, and outdated humor."

A fourth individual succinctly summarized the situation, stating, "That Michael Barrymore moment on TV was an absolute trainwreck."

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