Gordon, Gino and Fred to reunite for new series after Gino quit Road Trip

Gino, Gordon and Fred: Road Trip fans rejoice because it's not going to be long before they're back on our screens and getting into all sorts of mishaps punctuated by the occasional lovely bit of food.

If you're a fan of the show then you'll probably know that earlier this year Gino D'Acampo announced he was quitting Road Trip because of issues like the show's filming schedule.
The celebrity chef explained that they 'can't get the dates together' and even when they did 'sometimes they get changed', which was causing problems for him as he couldn't book other jobs or set aside the time for his family.

D'Acampo said he still had a 'great friendship' with Fred Sirieix and Gordon Ramsay, and indeed he gave their friendship as a reason he was leaving since he 'would rather the friendship than arguments with the contract'.

Sirieix said making Road Trip was 'fun while it lasted' and that the three of them were still friends, while Ramsay said his co-stars were 'wonderful, fantastic, incredible pain in the a**es'.
With the rumours that the show was coming to an end because D'Acampo, Ramsay, and Sirieix had fallen out put to bed, attention is now on the release of another series which they did manage to make.

Gino, Gordon and Fred: Viva Espana! will see them set off for Spain and it'll be available on ITV1 and streaming service ITVX next month, though the exact date of broadcast has not yet been revealed.

ITV has said they'll be on an 'epic odyssey across Andalusia and Galicia' and while they're travelling across Spain they'll be put through their paces with a series of tests ranging from 'driving to cooking, jamón tasting and flamenco dancing'.
With the channel promising we'll see 'some of their most extreme high adrenaline activities yet' it sounds well worth tuning into if you're already a fan of Road Trip.
Sadly for fans of the show it sounds like they came pretty close to putting plans together for more episodes of the series before D'Acampo announced he was leaving.

Sirieix had been talking about the trio whittling down the list of places they wanted to go on their next trip, though even then he admitted that the three of them 'can't seem to agree on dates' which ultimately caused D'Acampo to depart.

Even if there's no more Gino, Gordon and Fred: Road Trip after this Spanish adventure fans can still enjoy the good times.

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