Fighter jet nosedives and pilots eject right on time – watch the heartstopping events

Pilots are trained for adverse circumstances and know what they need to do at all times. However, not everyone is expecting such a scary turn of events. Keep reading to see what these two pilots did when things were getting stressful.

Now they have a story of a lifetime to tell everyone. Keep reading to know everything about what happened.

A plane crash is always a scary event. This is what happened at the Thunder Over Michigan Airshow. Spectators were expecting a wonderful show of feats in the air by trained pilots, but what they saw instead was a horrific crash that could have been much worse had it not been for the pilots’ quick thinking.

The MiG-23s were performing tricks as usual to entertain the crowd. Toward the end of the show, one of the pilots was clearly losing control of the plane. It began torpedoing toward the ground, and it was obvious that something tragic was about to happen.
The plane started to emit smoke, and some debris even began falling off the plane as it began its untimely descent. Soon the plane began nosediving and was obviously going to crash.

However, right before the fate of the pilots was about to be sealed, they made a quick decision which ended up saving their lives!

The plane, however, kept nosediving and crashed. The crash resulted in an explosion and made a loud boom. The two pilots manning the plane before the crash, however, escaped with their lives.
The two pilots who ejected have been recovered and are said to be okay.

However, it is unclear whether or not there were any injuries because of the crash in total, as it is not known where the plane’s engine laned. The cause of the crash it also under investigation, and hopefully, there was no damage to human lives because of the crash. Watch the video here.

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