Fans stunned as Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan flashes crowd during concert

If you go to a Mötley Crüe’s concert, you are sure to see the band’s ‘Wild Side’.

Not only is drummer Tommy Lee known for dropping his trousers in front of audiences, but his wife Brittany Furlan also joined in by flashing crowds at a Texas concert.

Whilst they say married people should have shared interests, we are not sure this is what they mean.
It happened as Mötley Crüe were about to perform on stage in El Paso, Texas, with the drummer hyping up the audience at the heavy metal gig.

Before getting started, Lee turned to the concertgoers and asked them to lift up their shirts as the rowdy concert began.

Not satisfied with having seen the entire semi-nude, the ‘Wild Side’ musician then tells fans his wife will return the favour.

“I’m going to bring my wife out here and show you her f**king t*ties,” Lee gleefully said, adding: “There are f**king t*ties right there. You guys ready for this?”

As if on cue, Furlan walked out in a low-cut white tank top, cargo pants and a big smile as whipped her shirt down to show her bare boobs.

The crowd screamed and shouted, as the moment was shared on the concert’s big screens for all to see as the Vine influencer shook for the audience. She then shared a kiss with her husband, before heading towards the back of the stage as Lee called out: “That’s f**king t*ties. That’s right, that’s right.” However, the couple were far from done yet.
In fact, the influencer waved to the audience before turning to face them again and flashing her boobs again.
She then disappeared backstage, leaving the audience more riled up than ever.

As Furlan left the stage, her husband yelled: “Does that not get the party started? Let’s go!”

Unsurprisingly, the moment has gone viral on social media with Mötley Crüe’s fans thanking Furlan for her, um, work.

After a clip was shared on Twitter, one fan wrote: “@BrittanyFurlan girl thanks for showing your boobs tonight, your kind service is appreciated.”

To which, another added: “@BrittanyFurlan you made my whole night.”

A third then wrote: "Tommy Lee’s wife showed us her t**ts tonight, so that was cool."

It seems the couple have a pair of 'Live Wires', ever since they were first romantically linked in 2017.

Despite the big age gap between the veteran rocker, 60, and former Vine influencer, 36, they got engaged in 2018 after just a year of dating - with Lee giving his future wife a huge heart-shaped ring.

There is clearly some naked attraction there!

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