'Entitled' model hits back after oyster dinner 'delays' Jetstar flight

Byron Bay-based influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews has had the final word after she was ridiculed for allegedly holding up a Jetstar flight when she popped out for a luxury meal while waiting on a delay.
The 26-year-old came under fire after she reportedly held up a flight when she left Ballina airport for an oyster dinner while waiting for an already-delayed Jetstar flight, despite the airline requesting all passengers remain in the airport.
A video of the influencer, who boasts 210k followers on Instagram, boarding the flight late to boos and hackles from disgruntled passengers was published by the Daily Mail on Friday and has since gone viral.

Now the influencer is hitting back with an Instagram story slamming reporting she described as ‘bullsh*t’, and even sticking it to critics by indulging in another oyster dinner.
“Oystergate,” she cheekily captioned the inflammatory snap taken at Woolloomooloo’s Otto Ristorante in Sydney.

Ruby slams ‘false’ reports she held up Jetstar flight She also slammed reports she was the reason the flight was delayed, pointing out she wasn’t even the last passenger onboard and that the company’s policy wouldn’t allow them to hold up a flight for a tardy passenger. “I had a pretty traumatic flight experience, thanks Jetstar, you never cease to amaze me,” she said in Instagram stories.

“I’m sorry but it really was not my fault … we were told it was going to be taking off at 7.45pm, I had not eaten since my smoothie that morning because I had been in back-to-back meetings.”

She went on to explain she hadn’t heard the announcement asking them not to leave the airport, and was under the impression she had more than two hours before she would be required to board.

“I didn’t hear that, I swear to god, I wouldn’t have left the airport, I’m not a d***head, I do have respect for everyone else.”

Appearing on Hit FM show Hughesy and Ed on Friday, the mum of two defended herself from critics with the same arguments.

The incident unfolded after Ruby’s Jetstar flight from Ballina airport near Byron Bay to Sydney was delayed for an expected 2 hours.

Jetstar staff reportedly asked passengers not to leave the airport while they organised the flight, but Ms Matthews and her companion left to dine beachside on oysters.

They had to be called back to the flight by staff, arriving 30 mins late and being greeted by heckles including ‘how were the oysters’ by disgruntled passengers who had been waiting on the plane and spotted the social media posts of her five-star meal.

When she reappeared on the plane to the jeering she could be heard responding to one of the passengers asking how the oyster were, saying sarcastically, ‘they were really good’.

The incident blew up with debate raging over whether or not Ruby was being ‘entitled’ by leaving the airport and refusing to apologise.

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