Comedian's slow-motion impression of football goal celebration has people seriously impressed

Even if you're not a massive football fan, I'm sure you'll be familiar with what it looks like when one of the players scores a goal.
There's often a lot of celebration; hands in the hair, shouting with delight, and a slow-motion replay. On the off-chance you've never seen it, though, allow comedian Karl Porter to demonstrate.

The British comedian was doing what he does best - performing a comedy gig - at Up The Creek in London's Greenwich when he announced to the crowd that he could do a 'goal celebration in slow motion'.

Though such celebrations are usually happy occasions, at least for the scoring team, they're not usually the kind of scene to cause people to burst out laughing.

With that in mind, it's hard to see how this would be funny when performed at a comedy gig. But Porter found a way.

After the audience confirmed that they'd like to see his impression, Porter quickly got himself into the footballer mindset and launched into his routine.
As if flicking a switch to literally make himself move in slow motion, the comedian began to mimic a footballer running down the pitch with his eyes on the ball, only he did it all at a snail's pace.

Everything from his arm movements to his facial expressions were perfectly in time, and as Porter reached the imaginary ball he slowly pulled himself up as if to hit it with his head into the goal.

With the score secured, Porter then began the celebration phase of his skit, which saw his face adopt a look of pure joy as he pretend-ran down the pitch one again.

While the crowd burst out laughing, Porter brought his performance to a close with a knee-slide and a slow sign of the cross to thank the big man for his success.
The audience members at Porter's gig were far from the only ones to appreciate his impression, and footage from the show has now been viewed by thousands of people online.

"This is absolutely magnificent content," one fan commented, adding: "The little look after the knee slide is perfect."

Another wrote: "The greatest video you'll ever see."

A third viewer broke down exactly what made the impression so funny, writing: "Why this is so good: The tongue of concentration; Checking the ball has gone in; Transition from scoring face to smiling face in the early wheeling-away phase; The hip rotation at the end of the knee-slide."

I think it's safe to say Porter nailed it, and if you want to see more of him in action, you can do so on his Instagram.

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