Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Christopher has had a major transformation and now looks exactly like his famous dad

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Christopher just revealed a major transformation. In his previous public appearances, he looked completely different, but now he has pulled off a big transformation.

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Christopher Schwarzenegger is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s youngest child with his ex-wife Maria Shriver. The 25-year-old seems to have been undergoing an intense transformation as he looks completely different from what he did a while ago.
In recent pictures, he seems to have dropped a lot of weight. And is sporting a new mullet hairstyle and beard. He was pictured wearing a white T-shirt and sweatpants, seeming like he had just finished a workout. Apparently, according to reports, in the past he had been shamed for his weight.

Christopher keeps a low profile and rarely attends public events. In 2017, he attended the ESPY Awards with his famous family and was pictured on the red carpet posing with his mother and siblings.
He is the youngest child Schwarzenegger shares with his ex-wife Shriver. They also have three other children, their daughters Katherine Schwarzenegger and Christina Schwarzenegger, as well as their son Patrick Schwarzenegger.

He also fathered a son with the family’s maid Mildred Baena. The son is named Joseph Baena, and his birth resulting from the affair Arnold had with his mother is considered to be the main reason for his divorce from Maria Shriver.

Joseph Baena is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s youngest child. He works as a real estate agent but also wants to make a career as an actor. Baena is known for hitting the gym and boasting a physique very similar to his father in his heyday.

Schwarzenegger tries to be there for his children as much as possible and has a solid relationship with all five of them. During his time as the Governor of California, he said, “I had to rely on my wife. But then when I came home, or I was governor for instance and I traveled all over the state of California, I came home, the kids were crying. ‘Daddy, where were you when I had my recital?’ ‘Where were you when I needed you for my football game?'”

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