64-Yr-Old Veteran Tears Up When Coworkers Surprise Him With A Birthday Cake.

According to fellow staff members, dishwasher Leo Rivas is “the sweetest person.” So, when the veteran’s birthday rolled around, supervisor Noemi Feliciano wanted to make sure he knew how much everyone appreciated him. She surprised him with a home-baked cake as she and other coworkers sang to him. Footage of the sweet moment shows Leo tearing up with emotion before covering his face.
“It had been a long time since he has gotten a cake on his bday,” Noemi explained in the video, which she shared on TikTok.
After seeing Leo’s reaction to being showered with love on his birthday, other TikTok users were eager to send some good wishes of their own! At the request of her viewers, Noemi created a GoFundMe for the veteran. If you want to send him a gift, you can do so here.

Watch the video below to see the heartwarming moment Leo received his birthday cake!

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