Woman who spent $250,000 to turn into a 'doll' shares photo of how she used to look

Alicia also has several tattoos over her chest and torso, thicker lashes, tripled the length of her nails and even used ink to make her eyebrows appear higher on her face.
Check out her transformation below:

The self-confessed "bimbo" recently took to her Instagram page to share a striking picture of what she used to look like before her cosmetic surgery.

She captioned the snap: "Proof that plastic IS fantastic. From regular girl to top tier plastic Bimbo s*x doll (10+ years difference)."

Many users rushed to the comment section to voice their supportive opinions on her transformation. One person described it as "beautiful," while another said she was an "inspiration," adding: "Just by existing u bring the fantasy into the real world and that's magic! One day I will be bimbo royalty like you."

A third commented: "I will never get over your transformation pics, you are so stunning and cool," while a fourth remarked: "Wow... it’s amazing how even your whole vibe changed from then to now. I respect people who know what they want out of this life! You are amazing."
Despite having had multiple cosmetic procedures already, the model revealed that she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon, even though it cost her nearly $2,550 to $3,820 a month, per The New York Post.

Alicia - who earns a fortune from the subscription-based platform OnlyFans - discussed her extreme look on Twitter, writing: "I am constantly fighting stigma & it takes a lot of courage to stand by your beliefs, dreams & lifestyle when it’s considered 'controversial'.

"I find it interesting that my beliefs are being judged as being controversial when in reality they are far from it - they are traditional if anything," she added.

In addition to this, she wrote a message to her followers, saying that if you don't "stand up for yourself, your values, your morals & beliefs" then you are letting "easily offended people tyrannize you," adding: "Life is too short. Speak your truth. Be proud."

The model went on to state that naysayers should let her live in her "truth" and declared: "For the love of God: don’t ever shame a woman who are proud to be a housewife, homemaker or even a hypersexual Bimbo.

"Our choices are valid and matter too, even though you don’t agree."

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