Woman trolled after installing DIY swimming pool in garden before heatwave arrives

After facing online harassment for constructing a low-cost swimming pool in her backyard, a woman ultimately triumphed when a heatwave unexpectedly swept in.
The recent scorching temperatures have been hard to miss, prompting authorities to issue health advisories for British citizens.
Amidst the recent bout of favorable weather, many of us have hurriedly sought out fans or affordable pools to combat the heat. However, there's one woman who doesn't need to engage in aisle battles to secure a pool because she had the foresight to construct one last summer, despite receiving some negative comments.

Zoe London disregarded warnings labeling her pool-building endeavor as a 'bad idea,' and now that temperatures in the UK are skyrocketing, she's delighted she didn't heed them. As a DJ, Zoe affirms that she has absolutely no regrets regarding her decision to create her own heated mini-pool in her garden, all accomplished within a mere £300 budget.

The sunken pool is encircled by decking and positioned near an elegant seating area, featuring a corner sofa, chair, and parasol—a truly idyllic setup.
Nonetheless, Zoe has acknowledged that certain individuals considered it an unwise decision to invest in an outdoor pool while residing in the UK. In a TikTok post during last summer's heatwave, Zoe elaborated, saying, "When I'm told it's a 'bad idea' to install a pool in my garden in the UK, and then there's a heatwave. I have absolutely no regrets. Additionally, this is a repurposed cow trough, equipped with a cover, cleaned using pool cleaner like any other pool, and it only cost £300. It's also heated."

I must admit, I feel a twinge of envy.

When asked about the construction process, Zoe explained, "It's a recycled cow trough; we dug a hole in the ground and had the decking specialist build around it!" She also mentioned that she cleans it using typical pool cleaner but ensures to drain it when not in use.

The social media post garnered an overwhelming response from awe-inspired Brits who desired a similar pool for themselves.

"I'm obsessed! But how do you empty it? I want to do the same," one individual inquired.

Another exclaimed, "This is absolutely incredible!"

A different person commented, "We urgently need a step-by-step guide."

Meanwhile, a fourth individual jokingly quipped, "Can I borrow it for a day? Thanks."

Addressing a commenter who suggested that the pool was no larger than a "dog bath at best," Zoe promptly clarified that it can actually accommodate up to six people. Consider that comment refuted!

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