Woman shares theory that we never really die and people are freaking out

The concept of death and the existence of an afterlife captivates our collective curiosity. Questions like whether an afterlife exists or what it feels like to die intrigue us. However, a particular theory suggesting that we never truly die has deeply unsettled many individuals.
Death remains an enigmatic and extensively debated subject, with various theories speculating on what might transpire after we depart from this life.

Some of these theories can be quite unnerving - the mere mention of ghosts is enough to send shivers down one's spine. Nonetheless, a physicist has put forward a theory on TikTok that proposes our potential immortality, suggesting that we might have already experienced numerous apocalyptic events. This theory has stirred existential anxiety among people who have encountered it.

On TikTok, @joli.artist, known for sharing conspiracy theories and insights into quantum physics, posted a video discussing a concept called "quantum immortality," which stems from the unsettling "many-worlds" theory developed by American physicist Hugh Everett.

More than six decades ago, Everett formulated this peculiar theory, drawing inspiration from the mathematical principles of the Schrödinger equation.

While the underlying science and mathematics behind it are complex, the essence of the theory is that there exist countless other worlds or realities. According to Everett, when we experience "death," we simply transition to the next world.

In her TikTok video, Joli proposed that, according to this theory, we never truly cease to exist and that the world may have already faced multiple apocalyptic scenarios without our awareness. Quite fascinating, isn't it?

Expanding on the theory, she further clarified, "Each time you perish in one universe, your consciousness seamlessly transfers to another universe where you continue to live."
According to Joli, in this alternate reality, we lack memories of the previous world we inhabited, but we may notice certain peculiarities or inconsistencies.

Drawing a parallel to the Mandela Effect, a phenomenon where people collectively hold distorted or altered memories, she remarked, "So, once the inevitable apocalypse happens, you'll wake up the following day in a new reality. And before you know it, you'll find yourself on Reddit, discussing things like 'When did Pizza Hut start spelling its name with two Ts?'"

Engaging in debates with individuals native to this new reality, she humorously mentioned, "They'll be arguing, saying 'It's always been spelled with two Ts.'"

Needless to say, the mere suggestion that the world might have undergone multiple apocalyptic events unbeknownst to us left TikTok users suitably unnerved.

Adding a further twist, Joli exclaimed, "You don't believe me? Alright then, it's been approximately 65 million years since the alleged asteroid impact wiped out the dinosaurs."
"So, are you trying to say that in the past 65 million years, no other asteroids have come close to us and caused our demise?

"What I'm suggesting is that Earth is likely constantly facing destruction, and our consciousness keeps transitioning to another parallel universe - and then another, and another.

"You never know, the apocalypse might have already occurred last night..."

"NOPE, NOT TODAY," responded one user to the video.

"Okay, I'm honestly getting a bit freaked out right now because I'm not usually into conspiracy theories, but what you're saying weirdly makes sense," expressed another.

A third person echoed, "The idea of never truly being able to die is incredibly disheartening, and it's giving me a headache."

Well, on that note, I'm going to spend the rest of the day staring at a wall...

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