Why so many people seem to have the exact same freckle

If you’ve ever noticed that you have a freckle in a particular spot, you might be surprised to learn that loads of other people have noticed that they have the exact same spot on their own bodies.
A while back, people on Twitter started noticing that they all shared this strange mark on their wrist, with around 12,000 people who saw the original post getting involved. That’s a lot of people to have the same freckle in the same place, so is there any good reason why that might be?

There are a couple of theories, to be quite honest with you.

Back in 2019, TIME magazine asked Dr Joyce Park, a dermatologist, what she made of the phenomenon, and while she admitted that she finds the whole thing pretty funny, there is potentially a very easy explanation.
Dr Park explained: “Freckles are basically areas of the skin where you have more pigment or melanin deposition from UV radiation.

“The forearms, the wrists and the hands are really common spots to get that exposure.

“If you think about it, when you’re driving, that side of your wrist and hand are just constantly being exposed to sunlight, even if you’re wearing sleeves.”

Ah, that sort of makes sense, doesn’t it?

Add to that the fact that you often forget to put sunscreen on that part of yourself, and we might have a good theory developing here.

However, there are others who aren’t so sure.

Another dermatologist called Dr Joshua Zeichner presented something a bit different.

“What we are actually seeing in these photos are moles or ‘beauty marks’”, he suggested.

“These spots are harmless overgrowths of pigment producing cells, causing small brown spots on the skin.”

Apparently, these are so common that nearly everyone has ‘at least one mole on the arms’.

Sun exposure might be a part of it, but moles can turn up anywhere really.
One thing the dermatologists would agree on is that it’s important to look after your skin and, in particular, to check on moles and freckles regularly.

If anything changes about any of the moles or freckles, you should have a word with the doctor, as well.

There’s likely nothing wrong with them, but it’s nice to be sure, isn’t it?

Oh, and it’s vitally important that you wear sunscreen when it’s sunny, too.

Although, if you’ve been in the UK in recent weeks, that does seem pretty unlikely, doesn’t it?

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