Wanted man comments on his own mugshot post correcting police about where he’s from

A man who is wanted by the police took the opportunity to comment on their Facebook post seeking information about his whereabouts. In his comment, he informed them that he will be surrendering himself on Monday. Additionally, he corrected them about his place of origin.
The post shared by North Wales Police Gwynedd North on Facebook included a mugshot of the individual and a plea for any information regarding his location. The post stated: "Wanted | Have you seen Kieran? Kieran, 29, originally from Anglesey, is currently wanted on a warrant. He is known to have links to Caernarfon, Bangor, and Holyhead."
"If you have any information about his location or have seen him, please contact the police via our website or call 101." It's hard to imagine what the police expected when they shared the mugshot, but they probably didn't anticipate the wanted man himself leaving a comment on their post, explaining that he needed a few more days to sort out his affairs before surrendering. But that's precisely what happened.

In response to the post, a person claiming to be Kieran wrote, "Dear North Wales Police, I will be handing myself in on Monday. I know I said today, but I just need to get my affairs in order. I am well and safe, not committing any crimes, and there's no risk to the public, so there's no need for officers to search for me."

As if that wasn't audacious enough, he went on to correct the officers about his true place of origin. "Oh, by the way, I'm not originally from Anglesey," he added.

The police replied to Kieran, advising him to turn himself in today and apologizing for the mistake about his birthplace.

In a remarkably polite response, NWP Gwynedd North wrote, "Dear Kieran, thank you for reaching out to us. We apologize for assuming you were from Anglesey! We kindly request you present yourself to an officer or police station today as we cannot accommodate Monday."
However, Kieran seemed unyielding, maintaining that he would only surrender himself on Monday, warning the police that they would have to actively search for him if they wanted him earlier.

In a subsequent comment, he stated, "I'm glad we clarified the Anglesey matter, and I'd rather adhere to the original plan of turning myself in on Monday. If that doesn't work for you, I won't be available on any other day, and you'll have to come find me. Remember, you managed to locate me in Conwy last time!!

"I want to emphasize that these public comments are not intended to mock you. As I mentioned before, I am safe, well, and pose no risk to the public. I won't stay in any known addresses; I just need some time to sort things out. Thank you."

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