Usher defends Keke Palmer after boyfriend publicly shamed her outfit to his concert

Usher has shared a supportive message to Keke Palmer after her boyfriend publicly shamed her for an outfit she wore to the singer’s Las Vegas residency show.
Earlier this week, 28-year-old Darius Jackson broke the internet when he called out his girlfriend and mother to his child, Keke Palmer, 29, for what she wore to see Usher live.

For the evening of live music, the Nope actor had donned a bodycon sheer dress that featured a high neckline, long sleeves and a maxi hem.

Underneath, she opted for a busty black bodysuit and wore a pair of strappy black pointed heels.

However, Jackson was unhappy with what the mum-of-one wore to see the Grammy Award-winning performer and took to Twitter - not even Threads - to air his grievances.

He wrote: “It’s the outfit tho… You a mom.”

The now-deleted tweet has caused a huge backlash, with fans and Usher himself rushing to Palmer’s defence.

Commenting on Palmer’s recent Instagram post - where she urged fans to go see Usher live - the 44-year-old musician wrote: “The Big Boss!! Thank U for coming.”

As well as the Love in this Club singer, fans across social media have been pledging their support to the American actress.
One Twitter user wrote: “As much as it is fun to make memes and light hearted of this situation…… Keke Palmer is a young black mother who just had to undergo an embarrassing ordeal in the spotlight. I pray she has a beautiful support system round her and that she knows we are in support of her too.”

A second said: “Keke Palmer looks great at Ushers concert. They both look good. No wonder her (sic) boyfriend Darius is upset. Every mama deserves to get out and enjoy themselves. Also, she has curves, whether you like them or not. Parts will be peaking and poking out.”

Another commented: “She is a public figure so what. Lol. He knew this before having the kid. Let her be.”
However, many social media users have agreed that Jackson has the right to make these comments. One fan said: “She acted out publicly and he aired his views publicly. It's not how he wants to be represented and he let her know.

“He said what he said and I don't blame him. They'll break up but unfortunately, there's a baby.”

Another wrote: “I mean, I think he’s more upset about her grinding up against another man. The outfit critique is just a cover-up.” A third commented: “We live in a world where you get hammered for speaking the truth or your truth. It's a weird time in the universe.”

Elsewhere, one Twitter user looked into the implications of this moment being blasted across social media and said: “How social media ended a relationship... (sic) listening to people on social media will end you.”

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