Tori Spelling And Her Kids Spotted Leaving $100-A-Night Motel After Apparent Divorce News

Tori Spelling and her children appear to be in between homes.
Tori and her five kids were recently spotted outside a motel in Los Angeles that typically runs for $100 a night. This comes as the actress and author has been open about a mold infestation in their former home and amid rumors that she and her husband Dean McDermott are separating.

A source has denied that the move has anything to do with a potential split. As someone close to Tori told Us Weekly: "Tori and Dean are doing really good and her staying at a hotel with their kids has nothing to do with a separation. They decided to stay there because of the ongoing mold problem at their house. Tori is taking this issue very seriously and isn’t going to subject herself or her kids to that."

It's unclear why Tori chose this particular motel for herself and the children. The family moved out of their previous rental in mid 2023 after they found out that mold was causing a lot of their ongoing health issues.

Tori also shared that the mold had been "slowly killing" her family for three years.

There is more about the situation in the video.

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