Ryan Reynolds wishes Sandra Bullock happy birthday with NSFW post

Ryan Reynolds took the opportunity to dedicate a very NSFW Instagram post to Sandra Bullock on her 59th birthday this week.
The Deadpool actor – who shares four children with his actress wife Blake Lively – decided to celebrate his longtime friend by sharing a special memory from their 2009 movie The Proposal.

The clip featured the two actors accidentally stumbling into each other’s arms while naked, marking Bullock’s first-ever nude scene.

Since making the romcom, Bullock has reflected on the moment, saying she agree to do it because she found the idea “[humiliating] and funny.”

On Instagram, Reynolds playfully wished Bullock a happy birthday, by captioning the clip: “Happy Birthday to the inimitable and stunning Sandra Bullock! For your birthday this year, I got us both intimacy coordinators. And an HR department. And clothing?”

Bullock herself has spoken about the hilarious scene several times, including on the About Last Night Podcast with Adam Ray in 2021, when she stated: “Ryan and I have known each other since we were prepubescent. We go way, way, way back. We had to do the naked scene that day and Anne Fletcher, our director who’s just incredible, she’s great.”

She continued: “We had a closed set, which means no one’s allowed to be on there, just hair and makeup coming in to fluff and hide. Ryan and I have these flesh-colored things stuck to our privates, my hair is strategically over the nipples and Ryan’s little — not little, at all! It’s just whatever’s there, and I don’t know because I didn’t see it. I didn’t look!”

Despite efforts to maintain modesty during breaks, however, there was a moment when things didn’t go as planned, and Bullock humorously recalled how Anne Fletcher, the director, informed Reynolds about an unintended reveal.
“When they’d say cut, we couldn’t really move,” she explained. “He was on his back with his knees up, and I’m on the floor just sort of resting on his knees, just waiting, and you don’t wanna look, and we couldn’t really move.”

“Then, I hear Anne Fletcher from the darkness go, ‘Ryan, we can see your ballsack!’ I’m like, ‘Oh God!’ Because you wanna look down, but I’m like, ‘Don’t look down. Don’t look down.’ … Everyone in the darkness spun around to see if they could find a monitor,” Bullock recalled. “I was like, ‘Anne, there’s a way to present that information….'”

Bullock then explained that she agreed to do the scene because she trusted Reynolds as a comedic partner and felt safe in his presence, and also that she preferred humor and humiliation over attempting to be sexy naked, both on and off-screen.

In a more recent movie, The Lost City in 2022, Bullock appeared in another revealing scene, but this time with Hollywood hunk Channing Tatum. Although she wasn’t nude, the audience got a clear view of Tatum’s behind while Bullock checked for leeches during a tropical mission.

“In all honesty, when you’re down there, and you have two pages of dialogue if you’re looking directly at it, you’ll get nothing done,” Bullock told Stephen Colbert of filming the moment. “So I looked at his left thigh.”

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