Pictures show what would happen if all humans disappeared at the same time

Have you ever pondered the consequences Earth would face in the event of a sudden disappearance of all its inhabitants? Neither have I. However, I can imagine that the notion has now intrigued you, hasn't it?
If this thought has captured your curiosity, then you'll be delighted to learn that a video has been crafted, offering a timeline depicting the unfolding of events. The YouTube channel Aperture has graciously shared this video titled "Here's what would happen if ALL humans completely disappeared." It showcases somewhat somber images that portray the world in all its deserted splendor, void of human presence.

To begin with, the streets would become congested with wrecked vehicles engulfed in flames, mainly because driverless cars lack the ability to come to a safe stop.

As time progresses, the world's power plants reliant on fossil fuels would gradually cease operations since there would be no humans present to refuel them with coal or oil. Consequently, widespread power outages would ensue, plunging the entire globe into darkness eventually.

In the absence of humans, the animal kingdom would experience a notable shift as various small mammals would begin to explore our deserted dwellings. However, the situation might not be as enjoyable for our domesticated pets, who have grown accustomed to having their meals conveniently provided by humans multiple times throughout the day.
Meanwhile, the power outage would mean the electrical fences at zoos would be inactive, meaning animals that really have no place in our towns and cities are now free to roam.

By around day 10, or so the video claims, the world’s 440 nuclear power plants would begin an almost simultaneous set of explosions - leading to the world’s worst nuclear disaster in history. Radioactive smoke would kill plants, animals and just about anything else it came into contact.

For the trees and flora not wiped out by the nuclear explosions, wildfires would have spent the first human-free year tearing through unhindered.
Forest fire would destroy coastal cities such as Los Angeles a decade after humans disappeared, while cities such as London and Amsterdam would be flooded, according to Aperture.

Three decades after humans upped and left Earth without a trace, satellites would come crashing back down to the planet with their batteries completely drained.

As more time passed, man-made structures such as the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, bridges and skyscrapers would fall - making the whole planet look very much like the final scene in a dystopian movie.

Still, at least if this ever does happen you won’t be around to see it - so that’s something, eh?

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