People are calling Netflix's new documentary 'the best they've ever seen in their lives'

The Deepest Breath, a heart-wrenching documentary about freediving, has garnered significant acclaim from Netflix viewers. Directed by Laura McGann, the new show was released on Wednesday (July 19) and quickly became a sensation on social media.
Freediving, an extreme and perilous sport, challenges participants to plunge into unfathomable depths and remain underwater without the aid of scuba gear, relying solely on their breath-holding abilities.

This article contains spoilers about the documentary, so you might want to stop here if you are thinking about watching it fresh.

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The Deepest Breath follows the compelling journey of Alessia Zecchini and Stephen Keenan, a freediving couple who join forces to set new world records in this daring sport.

Alessia Zecchini, hailing from Italy, is a record-holder in freediving and made history in March by achieving a new world record for free diving with two fins in constant buoyancy. She accomplished this remarkable feat by descending to an astounding depth of 109 meters in the waters of Moalboal, Philippines. On the other hand, Stephen Keenan, from Iceland, plays a crucial role as a safety diver and has even established his own freediving school.

As the pair train together, Zecchini sets her sights on conquering the Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt. Her goal is to dive an impressive 184 feet below the surface of the Red Sea and navigate through an 85-foot-long tunnel to reach the safety rope on the other side.

During one critical attempt, tragedy strikes when Zecchini blacks out inside the tunnel, and Keenan, the safety expert, valiantly comes to her aid, pushing her to the surface. However, he also succumbs to a blackout and tragically loses his life.

The emotionally devastating documentary has left a profound impact on audiences, who took to social media to praise the dedication and insight of all involved in showcasing this rare and challenging sport.

On social media, viewers shared their sentiments about the documentary, with one person calling it the best documentary they've ever seen, while another described it as a remarkable portrayal of extraordinary individuals pushing the boundaries of free diving and life. Many others were moved by the real footage, emphasizing that The Deepest Breath is beautifully made and one of the finest documentaries they've come across.

During an interview with Netflix's Tudum, filmmaker Laura McGann discussed the profound impact of the sport captured in the film, describing it as "something otherworldly."

She expressed how she could sense a unique sense of oneness among the athletes, as they appeared completely at ease and destined to be part of this extraordinary world. McGann found their demeanor both gentle and remarkably powerful, an experience that was almost unbelievable.

McGann also revealed some intriguing insights about Alessia Zecchini's dive into the renowned Blue Hole, a pivotal moment in the documentary. According to McGann, some of the athletes present on that day shared that the tragic outcome wasn't the result of a single mishap but rather a combination of around 50 small details that went slightly awry. Life's unpredictability was a recurring theme, and McGann emphasized that neither Stephen nor Alessia knew what the future held, just like anyone else. She aimed to take the audience on this unpredictable and emotional journey through their lives.

The Deepest Breath is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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