Mum left furious after £30 Domino's pizza arrives 'half-eaten by the delivery driver'

A mum was left absolutely furious after her £30 Domino's Pizza order had been 'half-eaten by the hungry delivery driver'.
As a nice treat for herself and her husband, Kellie Lewis ordered a large, stuffed-crust pizza from the Domino's in Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire, on 15 July.

But when the mum-of-one opened the pizza box, she was horrified to see three slices were missing, which she believes were polished off by the peckish driver.

Lewis, who actually use to work for the popular pizza chain, was that shocked she emailed over some snaps of the missing pizza to Domino's.

The 28-year-old says she then rang the branch manager who told her the takeaway was fine when it left the store before apparently hanging up on her.

Lewis reckons the pizza was munched on by the delivery driver, who she claims gave such vague directions leading to her spending 15 minutes tracking them down in the rain.
The customer service worker said she was left 'starving' at the time as she hadn't eaten all day due to taking care of her newborn.

But she couldn't bring herself to even touch the pizza, so it went straight into the bin and she went to bed hungry.

"We have a four-month-old baby and I hadn't eaten all day, so I ordered a pizza because I wanted some food," Lewis said.

"It was a mess. Half of it was gone, and it was all over the place. It looked like it had been half eaten. It's crazy, there were half slices.

"About three slices were missing. You get 10 in a large, and we didn't have 10, we had around seven.

"I hadn't eaten all day so I just wanted some food before I went to bed, I was starving but I didn't eat it.

"I couldn't touch it, I didn't know where it had been, I was just shocked."
She added: "It's awful, especially when you've paid so much money for it. It's £30 down the drain - I want a pizza, not nothing."
Domino's had always been a favourite of Lewis' but the recent mishap has put her off the popular pizza brand.

"I just wanted my pizza redelivered or something, but they couldn't do anything," Lewis said.

"I've always liked Domino's and ordered from them quite a lot. I used to work there when I was a teenager.

"They're a go-to takeaway for me but this experience has put me off ordering from them. I won't order from them again."

Domino's said yesterday (23 July) that the franchisee group has since spoken to Lewis and the issue has now been 'resolved'.

The customer is said to have accepted a gesture of goodwill.

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