Mum brags about sneaking into luxury resort for free using out-of-date all-inclusive wristbands

A mum managed to enjoy everything a luxury holiday resort had to offer for free by using old all-inclusive wristbands, including food and drink for nothing.
Roxanne Balciunas, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, had been to the Ramada Hotel & Suites, Kusadasi, Aydin, Turkey, earlier this year on an all-inclusive holiday with her family.

However, when the 39-year-old found the old all-inclusive wristbands in her travel bag after the holiday she booked another trip to the popular resort town a couple of months later.

Along with her two children (aged 13 and six) Roxanne slept in a cheap apartment only about 10 minutes away from the luxury resort and snuck in using the old wristbands she'd had from her previous trip. She said that she originally got into the hotel to surprise her mum who was staying at the Ramada at the time, but she also got plenty of use out of everything the place had to offer to people using their all-inclusive wristbands.

TikTok footage shared on 12 July showed the family dining on ice cream, alcohol and luxury meals for free besides the hotel pool.

The 39-year-old said she was 'stealing the Ramada all inclusive' before telling people they could 'call me a thief all you like but I enjoyed my week of free food and drink'.

Roxanne claims that the family go on holiday every month and exclusively stay at four star and five-star all-inclusive venues.
The hospitality worker said her family ate more of the food at the Ramada this time than they did during their paying stay and that it was 'more exciting' because they didn't pay to get in this time around.

She said: "My mum only booked her holiday a week ago, it was a last-minute thing.

"I kind of steered my mum towards that hotel, and when I found our bands [from May], I was like 'this is great.' I was just messing about, saying 'we'll go and eat their food'."

"I was just joking at first to the kids, but then we did. I booked last minute to go and surprise her. I used the bands, and it worked. They didn't check my wristbands when I first walked in. Because I had it on, nobody checked because they could see I was wearing one."
The mum claims her family 'got lucky' as the hotel were using the same colour wristbands that week as they had during her stay in May.

While she enjoyed the amenities of the luxury resort for free and found it exciting the mum doesn't reckon she'd get away with it again after sharing footage on TikTok.

At the very least you're more likely to get caught getting into hotels for free with old wristbands if you make TikTok posts about getting into hotels for free with old wristbands.
Some people praised Roxanne for sneaking into the luxury resort, telling her it was an act of 'bravery' and 'absolutely hilarious' to boot.

Others were less impressed, asking her why she would 'steal from the hotel' if she says she can afford to go on holiday every month.

Someone else said they 'feel sad for those people who work really hard for things' and accused her of getting away with 'cheating the system'.


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