Man who filmed vicious shark attack so clear you could hear scream is still haunted by it

The man who captured a harrowing shark attack on film, with audio capturing the screams, still carries the haunting memories of that experience.

In 2018, while completing his deep diver certification in Egypt, Dan White encountered a whitetip shark that approached his diving group.

What followed was a horrifying sequence of events, as documented in a terrifying video shared on YouTube.

Initially, White began filming the encounter because he found it to be an intriguing experience, especially since just a day before, they had encountered three sharks without any issues.

As the group was joined by several German divers swimming in the same vicinity, the shark's behavior started to change, leading to a deeply unsettling situation.

He told Tracking Sharks at the time: “As I was filming I noticed that one of the outlet diver’s bubbles spooked the shark and it turned to investigate.”
The video captures the shark swimming towards the divers' level and approaching them.

Soon after, the shark initiates an attack on one of the divers, as seen in the clip, biting into the victim's leg.

Describing the terrifying incident to the BBC's Why Sharks Attack, Dan recounted, "The shark bit into the diver's leg, held on firmly, thrashed around, and almost performed a cartwheel-like motion. It was surreal; the shark wouldn't release its grip, and it felt like an eternity. Eventually, it completely tore the calf muscle off his leg."

The man's calf suffered severe damage, with the shark not only destroying the calf muscle but also biting down to the bone.
Dan described the horrifying scene, saying, "There was a large plume of blood in the water. Another diver's piercing scream was audible, a haunting and shrill noise right in your ear. It's truly horrifying to listen to."

Despite the group being 10 meters below the water's surface, the video managed to capture the chilling scream.

Following the shark attack, the injured man was assisted back to the surface and pulled out of the water. First responders promptly administered pain medication and applied a tourniquet to the man's leg, which miraculously didn't require amputation. He was then transported to the hospital.

Predictably, YouTube users expressed their shock and fear in the comments section of the video. One person wrote, "Very scary footage," while another commented, "Wow, absolutely terrifying." A third viewer noted, "The most chilling part of this is still being able to hear the screaming underwater."

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