Khloe Kardashian finally reveals baby boy’s name 9 months after birth and everyone’s making the same joke

Khloe Kardashian sparked significant attention on social media when she finally disclosed the name of her baby boy.
The 38-year-old reality TV celebrity and her former partner, Tristan Thompson, welcomed their second child through surrogacy in July 2022. However, it wasn't until just two months ago, during the premiere episode of the popular show "The Kardashians" on Hulu and Disney+, that she unveiled her son's first name.

During the most recent season, Kardashian casually shared her baby boy's name, revealing that she had chosen Tatum for him. Tatum joined his older sister, True Thompson, who is five years old.

After disclosing the name, Kardashian openly discussed her struggles in forming a connection with her son, who was born through surrogacy. She expressed feelings of guilt, acknowledging that the experience felt somewhat transactional, as she would take the baby and move to another room, creating a sense of separation.

"I wish someone had been honest about surrogacy and the unique challenges it brings," she expressed. "It doesn't mean it's either good or bad - it's still a wonderful thing, just very different," she further added.

Celebrities typically choose unique names for their children. However, when Kardashian revealed that her son's name is Tatum, many Twitter users expressed surprise at how "normal" it is.

One individual tweeted, "Khloe naming the baby Tatum is so anticlimactic and normal lol."

Another person shared their feelings, saying, "I feel kind of betrayed by Khloe for giving her baby a regular name. I wasn't a fan of Tristan Jr. like everyone else, but I expected something more interesting [sic] since she's not Kourtney."

A third user commented, "So she kept us waiting that long just to share the name Tatum."

Yet another user remarked, "Khloe named her son Tatum. It's the most conventional name among all the kids."

According to TMZ, the son of the Good American founder and the 32-year-old NBA star initially had the last name Kardashian before the couple decided to change it to Thompson. PEOPLE magazine reported that the newborn's name on the birth certificate was listed as "Baby" until they settled on the name Tatum.

California law allows new parents to choose whether their child will have the father's last name, the mother's last name, or a combination of both. Once the decision is made, it becomes permanent, requiring a court order to change the last name, as stated by the outlet.

While specific reasons for the name change were not provided, TMZ suggests that it likely relates to the fact that the parents were expecting their baby boy when news broke that the NBA player had allegedly fathered another child secretly with a woman named Maralee Nichols. This marked the third time he had reportedly been unfaithful to Kardashian.

Additional reports revealed that Thompson had kept secrets from his ex-girlfriend during their surrogacy journey, with Kardashian stating that he tried to expedite the process to have the embryo transferred before she discovered his infidelity once again.

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