Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter is the spitting image of her mom in new photos

Recently, fans have begun to notice the striking resemblance between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter, as revealed in newly released photos. At Michael Rubin's Fourth of July party, the couple's 17-year-old daughter, Violet, surprised attendees and left them astonished and puzzled. Many mistook her for Garner due to their striking similarities. During the event, Violet posed for pictures alongside her father and his current wife, renowned actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. She wore a white, strappy dress and donned a pair of glasses that closely resembled the ones often worn by her mother.
One particular photo of the superstar trio was cropped from a video and re-posted to Twitter alongside the caption: "Ben Affleck’s daughter is LITERALLY her mother’s (Jennifer Garner) twin."

Have a look at the shot below:

The fan also added: "Like I know kids will look like their parents but what role did Ben’s DNA play if any?"

Since it was published yesterday (July 5), the post has already been viewed 32 million times with thousands of others taking to the comments to echo the same thing.

"I thought this was Jen I was so confused," wrote one user while another added: "Tell me why I was looking for the kid in this picture? Lol!"

A third also said: "Now I wish you just lied and said it was her lmfaoooo. That woulda been hilarious."

A fourth had a whole different opinion writing: "She looks like JLo kinda" but I really don't see it and apparently, neither did anyone else. Yikes.

Other fans even went as far as pointing out that Violet's facial structure was so similar to that of her mother's, specifically her dimples as well as the shape of her smile.

Affleck and his ex-wife, 51, share custody of Violet as well as their younger daughter Seraphina, 14, and son Samuel, 11.

The couple were married for about 14 years before they got divorced, however, they have always seemingly been on good terms despite splitting.
They have been seen together on multiple occasions after their split, but quite often in 2021, just before the Batman star re-kindled his romance with Lopez who he dated prior to dating Garner.

While it might not have worked out for them back in the early 2000s, Affleck and Lopez have been going from strength to strength ever since they got back together in the summer of 2021.
Just a year later, the old lovers tied the knot at an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas and since then, have blended their two families together.

Speaking of their second chance at true love, Lopez told interview Zane Lowe: "I think now that we’re older, we realise, it’s much more clear, because even when we felt that way, now we know. Now, we know. And there is no questions and there is no kind of like, 'Well, let’s see how this goes.' Like, 'Nope, it’s me and you. That’s it. All the way, till the end. That’s it. It’s going to be us.'"

When asked if it was quick, Lopez replied that it was "immediate."

"We are not wasting any time," she clarified. "We had to be cautious and considerate because we wanted our children to be part of this journey... They didn't experience those earlier years together. So, to them, it's like, 'Wow, they've known each other forever.' And that's true. We did have a long history, but we had to pursue separate paths and engage in other fulfilling experiences, including raising our incredible children.

"However, when we reunited, it felt like the universe and destiny aligned. Once we achieved personal wholeness, self-love, and independence, the universe brought us back together. It was like a moment of clarity, a ray of light breaking through the clouds, accompanied by a beautiful song that resonated deeply within us. It was a resounding 'Boom, this is it.' And both of us were absolutely certain," she elaborated.

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