Healthy young woman dies at 24 just weeks after getting a sore throat

Bethannie Booth, a young woman, met with a tragic fate shortly after experiencing a sore throat. Distressingly, she passed away only a few weeks after the onset of her symptoms.

At the age of 24, Bethannie not only said a poignant goodbye to her family but also took the initiative to plan her own funeral arrangements before being placed in a medically induced coma.

Hailing from Wales, United Kingdom, Bethannie worked as an elementary school teacher. According to her sister, Nia-ffion Davies, aged 27, Bethannie first exhibited signs of illness on March 2. She noticed the emergence of red bumps on her face, a mild sore throat, and encountered headaches, as shared with BBC News.
After experiencing a sudden onset of breathing problems on March 5, Bethannie was promptly admitted to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. She received immediate resuscitation and was subsequently transferred to the intensive care unit.

Medical examinations revealed that Bethannie's lung had collapsed due to a Strep A infection.
The rapid spread of this infectious bacteria has been contributing to an increase in scarlet fever cases throughout the UK. Unfortunately, Bethannie's health took a further downturn as she contracted sepsis, a life-threatening response of the body to infection often originating from the lungs, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To allow her organs a chance to recover, medical professionals made the decision to place Bethannie in a coma. During this critical period, Bethannie sent heartfelt messages to her loved ones, expressing her fear of death while maintaining her lighthearted spirit.

Reflecting on these messages, her sister Megan Booth, aged 25, shared, "It pains me to think that she felt that way. She must have been scared, yet she still managed to crack a joke."

In an incredible display of strength, Bethannie had even begun planning her own funeral, instructing her mother to forego black attire and instead encourage bright and vibrant colors.

Subsequently, Bethannie was transferred to Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London, where she spent two and a half weeks on an ECMO machine—an artificial lung that assists with breathing.

Signs of recovery emerged, and Bethannie was transferred back to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. However, she unfortunately experienced another bout of sepsis and passed away on March 31, surrounded by her family.

Her father, Wayne Booth, recounted her final moments, saying, "All four of us went in to see her. We held her hand as she took her last breath."

The family aims to raise awareness about sepsis and its symptoms, including difficulty breathing, blotchy skin, and a rash, by sharing Bethannie's story. Wayne Booth emphasized, "If we can spare even one family from enduring what we have gone through, we will have achieved something. A sore throat isn't always just a sore throat."

Echoing this sentiment, Ms. Davies added, "If you have a feeling that something is wrong, if you suspect that anything is amiss, don't let anyone dismiss your concerns."

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