Elon Musk responds after his ex-wife announces engagement with Love Actually's Thomas Brodie Sangster

Talulah Riley, the ex-wife of Elon Musk, has announced her engagement to Thomas Brodie Sangster, known for his role in the movie "Love Actually."
Riley and Musk first met in a London bar in 2008 and later tied the knot at Dornoch Cathedral in the UK, first in 2010, and then again in 2013. However, their relationship went through two separate marriages before they eventually parted ways.

Riley explained that the reason for remarrying was that it felt awkward to continue being together without the formal commitment of marriage. They were used to introducing each other as husband and wife, so they decided to get remarried to avoid confusion about their relationship status.
She added that she had 'very deep love and connection' with Musk and that he remained a 'great friend' even after their divorce.

"He watches out for me. Currently, we are in a state of contentment, treating each other with kindness, which is truly delightful. I hold a deep love and affection for him," she shared with the publication.

Nevertheless, she is currently involved in a relationship with an actor known for his roles in Love Actually and Game of Thrones.

Sangster and Riley crossed paths while working on their show Pistol and publicly revealed their relationship in March 2022 when they attended the British Academy Film Awards Gala Dinner together.

In the series, Sangster takes on the role of the Sex Pistols' manager, Malcolm McLaren, while Riley portrays designer Vivienne Westwood.

"We didn't really consider each other as potential romantic partners until that moment when we both realized our feelings," Riley disclosed to The Independent last year.

In some scenes, Sangster's character says misogynistic things to Riley's character.

While speaking with The Guardian about filming those scenes, Sangster clarified that the pair didn't start dating until production wrapped up.

“I wasn’t dating her at the time. Thankfully we’re not too much like Viv and Malc,” he said.

"And it was the same moment a number of months after having worked together and been good friends."

The joyous pair has chosen to elevate their relationship to a new stage and has made a significant announcement on social media.

"I'm thrilled to announce that Thomas Brodie Sangster and I are engaged after two years of dating!" Riley declared on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Within just five minutes of sharing the news, Musk responded with a heartfelt 'Congratulations' accompanied by a red heart emoji.

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