Dwayne Johnson surprises UFC star who had £5 in his account before payday from first win

Despite the common belief that we'll never get the chance to meet A-Listers from social media, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson broke that norm by surprising one of his Twitter followers, Themba T L Gorimbo, in an incredibly heartwarming encounter recently.

The star of 'Black Adam' paid a visit to the UFC Fighter after discovering that Gorimbo had a mere $7 (£5) in his bank account following his debut fight. Prepare yourself for an inspiring tale as you hear the Zimbabwean's moving story. (Hold back the tears!)

For those who aren't acquainted with the UFC star, it's important to note that Gorimbo is a relatively fresh face in the fighting scene and recently achieved his first professional fight in February.
Despite facing adversity and experiencing defeat in his debut bout against AJ Fletcher, Gorimbo's determination persisted, and he found the strength to compete once more, this time against Japan's Takashi Soto, and emerged victorious.

Having achieved his dreams in the fighting world, he made a selfless decision to sell his gloves and trunks, using the $7,000 (£5,364.28) earnings to install a much-needed water pump in his village. It's worth noting that during this period, the athlete was sleeping on a gym couch, adding to the poignancy of his actions.

Upon learning of Gorimbo's incredible story, The Rock reached out to him through social media and offered his support. A month later, the A-lister made an unexpected visit to the Miami gym while Gorimbo was giving an interview, leaving the 32-year-old fighter pleasantly surprised.
Approaching the UFC star by surprise, Johnson's excitement is evident as he meets the athlete.

The emotions are overwhelming as the video concludes with the two sharing a heartfelt hug, and Gorimbo getting teary-eyed upon meeting his mentor.

The Rock shared this touching moment on Twitter, along with a lengthy caption expressing his admiration for the aspiring athlete. He described their encounter as a "very good and very special day" to his followers.

Not surprisingly, the short video quickly went viral on the platform, garnering over 9 million views since it was uploaded on July 27.

This heartwarming display of kindness and support might explain why Johnson has portrayed so many action heroes; he's undeniably a genuinely good person.

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