Cat stuffed in paper bag, left in dumpster now safe thanks to rescuers

It’s truly heartbreaking how cruel some people can be to animals. We’ve seen too many stories of pets tossed away like garbage.
That was the case for one poor kitten, who was put in a paper bag and left in a dumpster — but thankfully this cat is safe now thanks to some kind rescuers.

According to a Facebook post from Angels of Assisi, an animal shelter in Roanoke, Virginia, a local hospital worker heard a concerning noise coming from a dumpster and called the police to investigate.
An officer from Carilion Police showed up and looked inside the dumpster. He found the source of the noise — and it was a heartbreaking sight.

A six-week-old kitten had been stuffed inside a paper supermarket bag and left in the dumpster.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of cruel person would leave a baby kitten for dead like that, but it’s a miracle she was found in time.
Photos show the officer saving the kitten and bringing him to his police car. The kitten, now named Toby, was taken to Carilion Clinic for some much-needed veterinary care and then placed in the care of Angels of Assisi.

The shelter then placed him in a foster home, where he is getting “lots of TLC” until he is old enough to be adopted.
It’s a heartbreaking story with a happy ending. Many commenters thanked the officer and the animal shelter for saving this kitten’s life.

“Nothing but a monster would do that to a baby,” one commenter wrote on Facebook. “Thank you all for saving baby.”

“I can’t even imagine how anyone could do this,” another wrote. “So thankful this baby was saved & I hope they catch whoever did this.”

A Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital worker heard a concerning sound coming from the dumpster and called the Carilion...

Posted by Angels of Assisi on Monday, July 10, 2023

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