Bride's Mom Breaks Down When Couple Starts Shaving Their Heads On Dance Floor In Support

You're about to meet Jony and Alistair, a couple who share a fairy-tale romance. They met when they were little kids, grew up, fell in love, and got engaged.
Alistair proposed to Jony in their New Zealand hometown, but he made sure to ask the one person who mattered most for her hand in marriage: Jony's mom, Luna.

In 2018, Luna was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Through all the grueling treatments and surgeries, she always said she'd love to be there to see Jony and Alistair get married.

When the couple got engaged, Jony decided to plan a very special surprise for her amazing mom.

After the wedding ceremony, the nervous newlyweds shared their first dance while Luna looked on proudly — having no idea what was about to take place.

Jony's parents assumed it was time for Jony and Alistair to perform a traditional Filipino dance. But then the DJ made an unexpected announcement.

Talk to moms about mom stuff. And make money doing it. Watch the video to see this incredible wedding moment. Sadly, Luna died two months after Jony's wedding. It's so amazing she was able to give this gift to her.

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