Bodybuilder Justyn Vicky Dies After 400-Pound Weightlifting Accident

A bodybuilder named Justyn Vicky died after breaking his neck during a 400-pound squatting exercise.
The accident occurred on Saturday at The Paradise Gym in Bali, Indonesia, when Vicky attempted to squat a barbell carrying 400 pounds. According to a report from Bali Discovery, the bodybuilder didn't complete his squat lift and fell with the bar snapping his neck and head forward.

"Vicky failed to complete the lift and fell forward, cascading the weight bar off his shoulders and snapping his neck and head forward," Bali Discovery reported.

Bali Express reported that the force of the weight broke Vicky's neck and compressed the nerves connected to his heart and respiratory systems. Vicky was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. He was 33 years old.

The Paradise Gym shared a post on Instagram honoring Vicky, a regular gym member. In its tribute, the facility called Vicky a "beacon of inspiration" with "infectious energy" that can't be replaced at the gym.

"Justyn was more than just a fitness expert; he was a beacon of inspiration, motivation, and unwavering support. His infectious energy and genuine passion for helping others transform their lives touched us deeply. Through countless workouts, words of encouragement, and compassionate guidance, he became an irreplaceable part of our fitness journeys and our gym family," the gym's note read.

Squatting 400 pounds surely isn't an easy feat hence the need to take proper safety precautions such as using a spotter, wearing a weightlifting belt, establishing proper form, and more. Complex sends its condolences to Vicky's family and friends.

The post added: "Today, as we bid farewell to our dear Justyn let us remember him as an extraordinary soul who dedicated his life to improving ours. Let us honor his memory by continuing to embrace the values and lessons he imparted upon us: to strive for our goals, to lift each other up, and to cherish the gift of health.

"To our dear Justyn, your impact on our lives is immeasurable. Your legacy will live on through the countless lives you've touched, the transformations you've inspired, and the love and passion you infused into every moment we spent together. Rest peacefully, dear friend. You will forever remain in our hearts."

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this heartbreaking time.

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