Beach in Michigan warns people of $3,000 rescue if they can’t make it up the sand

Holidaymakers in Michigan have been alarmed by a warning sign placed on a beach that has raised concerns among visitors. What might have initially seemed like a delightful beach outing could potentially lead to an expensive $3,000 rescue operation if one's cardiovascular fitness is not up to par.
Situated along the northwest coast of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore boasts breathtaking natural attractions, such as lush forests, impressive dune formations, and ancient glacial phenomena.

However, on the beach area lies a unique 137 meter sand hill, which leads to the bottom of the lake.

And the only way out is to climb back up.

A sign located at the top of the hill warns beach-goers of what will happen if they fail to make it back up the hill.

It reads: "Warning! Avoid getting stuck at the bottom.

"The lake levels are high - the only way out is up.

"Rescues cost $3000. Keep yourself and our rescuers out of danger."
Taking to TikTok, user Chef Meff shared a now-viral video of people struggling to make it back up the hill.

"$3,000 fine for those who don't make it up the sand dune in Michigan," the TikToker writes on text overlaying the video.

Meff then zooms in on a poor guy, on his hands and knees, struggling to make his way back up.

"You can do it!" he adds.

"Don't give up when you are so close (cry face emoji)."
Without a doubt, the comments section resonated with unanimous agreement about the challenge that lay ahead.

One individual shared their personal experience, stating, "I've biked 50+ miles a day with 25+ pounds of cargo and still couldn't make it up that dune; it's the hardest thing I've ever done."

Another person admitted, "My toxic trait is believing I can tackle this with ease."

Recalling their teenage mishap, a third person recounted, "I made the mistake of running to the bottom once... Despite being fit, it took me over an hour, and I seriously questioned life during that ordeal."

A fourth commenter humorously expressed, "I tried running down as fast as I could; it was fun descending, but the struggle began when I had to climb back up. It took me about an hour to ascend, and I had only covered 1/8th of the way down."

Another contributor shed light on the challenge, explaining, "The real issue isn't the distance; it's the sand. Each step is like a half step, as you constantly slide. It's akin to walking in a foot of snow."

Personally, they concluded, "I'll stick to my stony, gray, and flat beaches; thank you very much."

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