Amouranth explains why it would be 'awesome' if her daughter did OnlyFans

Amouranth, a popular streamer and model on OnlyFans, expressed her willingness to support her potential daughter if she chose to create an OnlyFans account.

Kaitlyn Siragusa, known by her online alias Amouranth, has achieved significant financial success through these platforms, earning tens of thousands of dollars. Notably, she has even garnered attention for her unique "sleep streams," where viewers pay to watch her while she sleeps.
Utilizing her earnings, the streamer has made investments in various ventures such as gas stations and companies. Presently, she has openly expressed her strong backing for her potential daughter if she chooses to embark on similar entrepreneurial pursuits.
During her guest appearance on The Iced Coffee Hour podcast, she confidently asserted her stance, stating that she would feel 'completely at ease' if her daughter pursued an OnlyFans career.

Furthermore, the streamer presented a well-prepared list of justifications for her unwavering support towards her daughter's chosen path.
She expressed, "From the safety and comfort of her own home, she wouldn't have to expose herself to uncomfortable situations in order to earn a living," emphasizing the advantages of engaging in this profession.

Amouranth further contended that such a job would grant her daughter greater autonomy over her personal boundaries and enable her to define her own comfort levels. She stated, "She can choose what she feels comfortable with, within the confines of her own home, with consenting individuals. I find that truly admirable."

"She would have the freedom to pursue this career from any location, liberating her from feeling trapped in the conventional 9-5 grind that often ensnares society," she added.

However, Amouranth also highlighted the importance of safeguarding her daughter's online identity, considering that she herself has encountered several stalkers throughout her online journey.
During the Covid-19 lockdown, the number of OnlyFans accounts witnessed a tremendous surge as individuals faced furloughs or job losses. Despite the alluring promise of substantial earnings, the truth remains that consistently producing engaging content is a challenging full-time endeavor.

The platform does offer creators a notable level of autonomy and influence over their lives.

Nevertheless, there are drawbacks. Many individuals feel compelled to surpass their comfort zones in order to retain subscribers, often surpassing their original intentions.

While online sex work is generally regarded as safer than in-person sex work, it still carries certain risks.

Amouranth has personally encountered stalkers and individuals attempting to expose her personal information, highlighting the pervasive issue of online harassment.

Furthermore, sex workers unfortunately continue to face social stigmatization. For those who do not amass significant earnings on the platform, this stigma can potentially affect their future job prospects even after transitioning away from sex work.

It is crucial to bear in mind that once an image is uploaded to the internet, it remains there indefinitely.

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