AI creates 'average person' in every single US state and massively divides opinion

An AI has been employed to generate the average person for each state in America, revealing that certain regions have been poorly represented.
The utilization of AI to create the average person from multiple states is not a novel concept, but this particular instance encompasses all states, and it's evident that some of them exhibit peculiar characteristics.

As anticipated, certain states exhibit expected stereotypes in their AI-generated average person. For instance, the Texan representation continues to feature a cowboy, which aligns with the common perception of the state. Nonetheless, there are some peculiar instances among the images. California, for instance, consists of nine pictures depicting women, while Arkansas's representation seems to resemble a character from an obscure corporate finance meme.

When it comes to generating images, AI tends to produce unusual outcomes, occasionally failing to meet expectations. While it is capable of generating a variety of images, there are instances where it falls short in terms of accuracy and coherence.
While certain states adhere to the expected features of their stereotypical AI-generated representatives, there are numerous others that make you question the reasoning behind the technology's choices.

Oddly enough, the AI determines that the average person from Kansas resembles a creature obsessed with hoarding corn. This interpretation led to complaints from Iowans, who felt that their reputation as "The Corn State" had been unjustly taken by Kansas. If any US state were to be personified as a corn monster, it should rightfully be Iowa, no doubt about it!
Florida seems to have received the least favorable representation in this case, as the AI generates an unsettling image resembling a bizarre lizard-like creature in a denim shirt. The only redeeming fashion choice for "Florida Man" is the hat, although it would be more beneficial if he wore it to cover his face instead of placing it on his head.

Interestingly, there is a resemblance between Florida Man and the Kansas Corn Monster, as they both share a knack for appearing eerie while simply standing around. One might even consider them distant relatives in terms of their unsettling demeanor.
One clear indicator of AI-generated content was the presence of overlaid text on some pictures, which turned out to be nonsensical and unhelpful.

This situation highlights one of the challenges of working with AI: it can produce results that visually resemble desired outcomes, but comprehending the underlying meaning or intent is a different story altogether.

Amidst the overall agreement that several states received unfavorable representations, there was a general consensus that Utah had fared relatively well in this regard. As a result, there was considerable interest among many individuals in getting acquainted with the personification of Utah.
West Virginia received praise from some as being a particularly accurate representation, although there were criticisms about the AI's portrayal of women in this image generation process.

The presence of nine California girls in a single picture was a notable contribution, as Arizona, Alaska, Nevada, and Colorado were the only other states featuring women.

Interestingly, it remains uncertain what lies beneath the mask of the personification of Iowa. Perhaps there is a woman underneath, but the uncertainty adds to the intrigue.

Fortunately, Mr. Maine is depicted without the inclusion of a decorative lobster this time, which is a relief.

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