2'10" Woman Warned That Having A Baby Could 'Crush Her From The Inside Out' Defies Odds

When Trisha Taylor was born in Idaho in 1989, doctors quickly noticed her arms and legs were bowed. Then an X-ray revealed that the newborn had fractured 150 bones inside the womb.
Trisha was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic condition that causes brittle, fragile bones, hypermobile and painful joints, and shortened height, among other symptoms and characteristics.

Though she has been in a wheelchair since she was a toddler, Trisha has worked hard over the course of her life to perform everyday functions on her own.

Now 31 years old and 2-foot-10, she has never allowed OI to hold her back from what she wants in life.

A few years back, Trisha fell in love with a truck driver named Michael, who stands over 6 feet tall. After three years of marriage, she found herself yearning to have a baby. She went off birth control, but her doctor strongly urged her not to get pregnant.

Trisha's bones are so delicate that one cough or sneeze can cause fractures. She was told that pregnancy could possibly put both her life and the life of her baby at risk by literally crushing her from the inside out.

Watch the video to see Trisha's unbelievable journey to motherhood.

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