Brittany Mahomes Opens Up About Raising Two Kids With Common Food Allergies

Brittany Mahomes, wife of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes, recently opened up to about the challenges and joys of raising children with food allergies. The mom of two shed light on the importance of understanding and managing allergies in children.
Brittany revealed the moment they found out that their son Bronze was diagnosed with a peanut allergy, prompting the couple to head to the hospital.

“He began to get really cranky, really fussy. It was close to bedtime, so I thought, you know, may he’s just tired,” she said. “Let’s take him to the bath and see what’s going on. So I take him in there and I get his clothes and his diaper off, and I realize he has completely broken out into hives.”

“He won’t stop screaming and within minutes it just continues to go up his body and down to his arms, and then eventually it got to his face. And that’s where I began to panic a little and kind of freaked out. And that’s when we decided to go to the emergency room,” Brittany said.

They later received AUVI-Q, the only approved epinephrine auto-injector for infants and toddlers that talks you through each step. Since then, and even during game days, Brittany says she always packs their AUVI-Q along with the kids favorite snacks to avoid navigating a potentially life-threatening incident. She says it’s one of the many ways she manages Bronze’s allergies, along with Sterling who has a milk, eggs, and nut allergy. Brittany admitted that it requires a lot of vigilance, education, and proactive measures to avoid accidental exposure.

“I’m that mom that packs a gazillion snacks so we can give it to all the kids so that we don’t have to worry about other kids wanting their snacks and them wanting to eats theirs,” Brittany said.

Brittany also shared that in addition to being vigilant and overprepared, they educate the kids’ caregivers and others around them about their children’s food allergies, and they’re even having age-appropriate conversations with Sterling about her health.

“She’s definitely at the point where she understands the things she can’t have,” the mom of two said. “In our house it’s like, ‘That’ll give you a tummy ache,' or ‘That’ll make you very itchy and uncomfortable.’”

“She knows what she can’t have, but she also can’t read a [food] label, so we still have to keep an eye on her,” she added.

Talk to moms about mom stuff. And make money doing it. Now Brittany is advocating for allergy awareness, using her platform to educate other moms about the challenges faced by families dealing with allergies.

“You have to know that you’re out there to advocate for your kids, especially if they cannot speak yet. You have to be the one to go front and center and make sure everyone’s aware, so I’ve definitely grown confident,” Brittany said.

In addition, Brittany is emphasizing the importance of open communication with friends, family, and caregivers to ensure that everyone is aware of the child's condition and recognizes the warning signs.

Despite the challenges of raising children with allergies, Brittany is focused on creating a happy and fulfilling life for their children. Like many parents in similar situations, they’re learning, adapting, and seeking out resources to make informed decisions.

Brittany also appeared on an episode of "The Breakdown With Bethany" to talk football, kid's allergies, and more!

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