Explosive row erupts as man appears to refuse splitting £3500 dinner bill with friend on her birthday

A TikToker has spoken out after refusing to split the bill for his friend's birthday dinner.
It's always a bit of an awkward discussion. You've just had a lovely meal out with friends - catching up, celebrating and spending some quality time together - when you have to decide how you're going to split the bill.

Do you pay solely for what you ordered - some people did order starters, sides or about four more drinks than you after all? Or do you just offer to split the bill equal ways to avoid the faff?

Well, one TikToker decided he would face the potential fallout of not splitting the bill evenly when the birthday girl's dinner came to a whopping total of 'over $4,600' (£3,500).
In a video posted to TikTok, the user - @viccgotti - asks his followers for their opinion over 'who was wrong' in the situation.

The footage shows the birthday dinner guests all yelling at one another over how the bill should be paid - a heated and slightly bleak end to the night for the birthday girl.

One guest can be heard questioning why they should be expected to 'split the bill' when some people ordered 'way too much' and they 'didn't order all that'. "That's crazy," they say.

"You got lamb chops, you got steak," another points out.

However, one woman argues: "We come together, we split the bill, period."
In a later post showing extended footage of the evening, the birthday girl questions 'why the f*ck' she should have to 'pay for something' on her birthday.

Birthday princess mode activated.

And a man sitting next to her shouts: "What did you come out for? Stop coming out in public if you can't pay for your food. What's the point in getting food if you can't pay for it?"

The TikToker notes the birthday girl has been his 'best friend since the third grade' but explains it was a 'very expensive restaurant'.

The posts have left followers divided.

One TikTok user said: "Wrong! I would pay for mine and part of the bill for the birthday person!"

"I guess I'm just old skool, if I invite everyone out it's 1 check and I pay. But I totally agree pay for what you eat," another said.

A final simply resolved: "Y’all should have straightened that out b4 hand"
However, others questioned whether the drama was actually staged - all of those featured in the video directing the drama a bit too conveniently towards the camera.

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